Iniquitous Deeds – Incessant Hallucinations (2015)

Rolling in at a little more than a half an hour, we’ve got another dose of greasy grimy gopher guts coming our way from out of California. Some little place called Walnut Creek. Well, the people of Walnut Creek might be very well to do and prefer putting on the green while sipping from a glass of shanty, but these gentlemen are the kind who will arrive uninvited on that same course with a golf cart full of baseball bats, sledgehammers and brass knuckles, ready to pulverize any incoming meat that interferes with their plans of well… carnage. These guys have no rhyme or reason to their devastation, they just simply play the living hell out of their instruments, most notably featuring a rather prominent drum approach by Matt Kilner (Nithing) who reminds me almost of the majestic and legendary work of 7 H Target. This occurs especially to me at the end of “Merciless Disintegration” which goes out in one of the best ways that I think a song of this nature can. It’s great to hear a man behind the kit that sounds like he can actually play and is having a hell of a good time with it too. That one might be the opener and additionally the disc’s longest song, but these guys prove that they don’t need long songs to show what they’ve got. On guitars we have Niko Kalajakis, who plays some rather powerful death riffs that we’d expect, yet mixed in with more progressive (Atheist/Cynic) style stuff that we wouldn’t. You could even say there’s some Demilich, but let’s not reach too far over the hills. Vocals are regurgitated by Mike Simon, who is absolutely no stranger to this sound or style by any means. You can expect these massive gurglings to fill the entire album, regardless of what the lyrical matter may be about. But honestly, we don’t care. Most listeners will come to Iniquitous Deeds by what they hear at face value, and that’s just fine. I strongly doubt that someone is holding their ear up to the speakers in an attempt to identify with what Simon is gurgling about here and would be honestly very surprised if that was the case. If you could even understand so much as “I fucked a chicken” then you’re doing a great job, certainly.

All jokes aside, Incessant Hallucinations offers a real beating, beyond what anyone might expect. But shouldn’t we expect it? This is brutal death metal after all. If they changed to polka music, people might be a little upset by it. I can imagine hundreds of thousands of listeners all simultaneously shouting “What the fuck is this!?” all at the same time, with a force of energy that could split the Earth in half. But rest assured, you’re getting nothing less than an intelligent, yet rather vile approach here and I think you’re going to be happy with it. Well, you’d better be. There are far less interesting acts out there than these guys, which is one reason they stick out amongst a sea of others. If you like Brutal Death Metal, you’re buying this. Chances are, you already have it and I’m late to the party. But there’s nothing wrong with promoting great death metal right? Of course not.

(8 Tracks, 33:00)


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