Integrity – Palm Sunday (2015)

Palm Sunday is a concert album from Integrity, of which is obviously going to be a bit tough to hear. These guys seem to create a sort of death, thrash and hardcore mixture which feels like sludge, and doesn’t resemble the failure of deathcore. This sounds more like that genre should have been; but people loved those cookie monster growls so much that the result became history. In any case, the album really pounds and features a lot of energy in addition to a rather pissed-off frontman, which is always great to hear. This guy truly sounds like he’s upset and you can tell that he feels these vocals. These guys were pissed (some college kids cut their mic cord) and they let all that anger and frustration out one night in Cleveland. I’m getting a veritable fucking assault from left to right, with guitar solos being shoved right up my tailpipe. There’s something here that sounds like it’s missing from the genre and only bands like EyeHateGod and Acid Bath have come close, (even though I’ll admit that I don’t really hear the same level of blues that I’ve heard in EHG here.) In all honesty, Integrity’s sound is hard to pinpoint, but it’s definitely raw, filthy and quite fucking dark. If you like sludge and hardcore, you’re probably going to find something here, with a performance that is truly genuine. Again, it’s a bit tough to hear, but you can’t deny that Palm Sunday sounds real. This is how it was done back in the days of old, before high quality production values. It’s actually quite amazing that we get to hear a relic like this, which I’ll have to chalk up to modern technology.

(10 Tracks, 28:00)


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