Interview: Degenerhate Talks About Their Vicious Grindcore

Degenerhate - Chronicles of the Apocalypse

After a long time in hibernation, the Italian born musician Gianluca Lucarini (Guitars/Backing Vocals)finally decided it was time to start making music again and that’s when Degenerhate came about. Sporting many seasoned and new talents, Degenerhate are certainly trying to make a name for themselves in the world of grind with their first full length, Chronicles Of The Apocalypse. I asked Gianluca about the band’s beginning, their thoughts on the recently released album as well as some of its lyrical content. He also talked a little about his favorite records and what they do when they’re not composing vicious grindcore like the kind you’ll hear on this record.

Tell me a little bit about the band and how it began.

I started playing extreme music in 1989 with my first band Flegias and after many years of playing in the music scene, I decided to take a break. A couple of years later in 2002, I felt the need to return to the sounds that were close to me and I decided to create Degenerhate. I wrote four songs and after recruiting some session musicians, we released a promotional CD the next year. After that, i contacted two old friends Max (vocals) and Fabio (bass) because I wanted to have permanent members in the band; and that’s when we recorded the mini CD The End Has Just Begun” back in 2006. The rest is history… Until today!

Your debut album is called Chronicles Of The Apocalypse. What can you tell me about the record and what was your goal for the disc?

Well, it is our first full length album and we are very excited and full of expectations. The album is being recieved very well and we have received tons of great reviews and I’m spending my nights answering interviews, plus we are also getting a lot of offers to play worldwide… What more can we expect? We are extremely happy and proud of this.

Tell me a little bit about the recording process for Chronicles Of The Apocalypse. Where did you guys record it and how long did that take? Are you happy with the results?

The genesis of the album was very long and difficult, it took us five years to achieve Chronicles Of The Apocalypse. The album was recorded at Playrec Studio here in Rome, by our bassist Fabio Fraschini and the sound engineer Luigi Colasanti Antonelli. To offer a product of the highest quality, the album is mastered by the guru of grindcore Scott Hull (Brutal Truth, Anal Cunt, Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Phobia) at Visceral Sound Studio, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. We are very happy with the work done by Scott; he is a cool guy and is a very serious professional. The album sounds exactly how we wanted it!

The most interesting thing about the album I think is that you weren’t afraid to experiment or stretch the boundaries of grindcore. Tracks like “Another You, Another Me” are fine examples of breaking out of the mold. Do you plan to experiment further on future albums?

Absolutely. We really like to experiment with new paths, always. Some have called us “unconventional grind” or “contaminated grindcore” or “original grindcore.” But I do not like labels, nor do I like to be defined in this or that kind of genre. I write all the music and lyrics in the band and when I’m in the process of composition, I’m not thinking, “Now I’ll write a whole grind album!” I play what I feel and what I want and the result is that you can find typical grind tracks like “Bushit”, “War inside my head”, “Power” and “Earth First” as well as some different songs like “Another You, Another Me” and “Fur id Dead.” This is our trademark and we like it.

Lyrically, what does the album deal with? Are there any strong statements that you are trying to make, given the large number of tracks on the release of course?

Our lyrics speak mainly of socio-political issues, but unlike on the mini CD, you can also find personal lyrics in Chronicles Of The Apocalypse.

What bands would you say inspired you on the record? Additionally, what could you say are some of your favorite records of all time?

We are huge fans of bands like Napalm Death, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Terrorizer, Suffocation, Autopsy and many others. Maybe you can hear a little bit of all these bands in Chronicles Of The Apocalypse. If we’re talking about my favorite records, there are too many to mention, but I’ll give you three bands in particular that are probably the most important to me:

Terrorizer – World Downfall

Carcass – Everything

The Smiths – Everything

Being from Italy, what do you think of the United States? Also, what is life in Italy like? Is society over there as obsessed with the media and fast food and cellphones as it they are over here?

I can answer that my personal idea of the States is that it is an imperialist and arrogant nation. It believes itself to be the master of the world and does not care about bombing another country for its own economic interests. By the way, on our album we have a song titled “Bushit” and this song is dedicated to your ex-President George W. Bush. I invite all of your readers to take a look at the lyrics to the song. (Smiles) But here in Italy, life actually sucks! We have a hard financial crisis and our politicians are corrupted assholes. A lot of guys are leaving and searching for a job in other countries. It’s really sad…

Have you played any shows for Chronicles Of the Apocalypse and if not, do you ever plan to?

We will play the first show for Chronicles Of The Apocalypse in our city of Rome the 28th November, at Traffic Club. Meet us there if you can!

What do you guys do when you’re not playing music, and what is something about you that we would never guess?

We all have jobs. I’m an interior designer and Fabio is a professional bass player as well as the owner of Playrec Studio. Renato is a teacher and Stuart is a graphic designer. Angelo is a professional guitar player and teacher. Something that you would never guess about us is that we all love snowboarding! (Smiles)

Finally, what lies in the future for Degenerhate? Are you already working on another album?

Currently, we have six tracks ready for a split EP that we will record in January and then we will play a lot of gigs around the world in September 2015. Then we will start working on the follow-up to Chronicles Of The Apocalypse.

Thanks for making an album that goes beyond the limits of traditional grindcore. You’ve made a very promising release and I hope to hear more from you in the future. – Eric

Thanks a lot for your words Eric and for your time, we are grateful to you for giving us this opportunity! I invite all of your readers to like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. GRIND ON!


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