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Slithering through the alleyways of Jolly old England, Hateful Abandon have released their third full-length, Liars-Bastards which according to V/M (guitar/bass/vocals) represents everyone, even himself in some ways. Along with Swine (percussion/dials) the band talked about their formation and their influences as well as the album’s sobering message and Swine’s obsession with the Dark Souls (and now Bloodborne) games.

For those who are not aware of you, tell us a little bit about the band. How did you guys come together and what made you want to play this kind of music?

SWINE: I think around ‘03 we met, in Bristol. I used to get the bus into the city at the weekends with Kaptain (Salute guitarist) and he introduced us at the pub, smashing down sopping wet cold ones and talking bullshit. We both had solo projects on the go and I had a real basic studio set up in an old barn (which is the same place we record today.) Vice came up with the idea of starting a group together, he had the basic ideas set in place and I was to play drums and engineer the recording. Things just fell into line, we shared the same level of enthusiasm for finding new music and working together was fucking easy for once, a pleasure. That is actually why we continued, because we enjoyed it so much. No barriers or chains in place, just freedom to record any music we wanted without giving two shits. It was a celebration of creativity rather than wanting to be a rock star or any of that bull crap.

The record is entitled Liars-Bastards, which seems like it’s directed at one particular group of people. Tell us a little about that. Who are these liars, these bastards you speak of?

V/M: Pretty much everyone to be honest. I’ve lied before and I’ve been a bastard although I try not to be either these days. They’re human traits present in everybody’s personality; it’s just that some people seem to display this more than others. I’m not singling anyone out.

The soundscape here seems that of a harsh electronic nature, yet it also seems to allow for spots of atmosphere. It’s quite a unique style that allows for shades of beauty within. What are some of the bands that you think helped to inspire this style?

V/M: Stating the obvious I would say Dead Can Dance, Godflesh, PiL, Killing Joke, Can, Burzum, Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle. Music like Dub and World Music is also very important.

Tell me a little about the writing and recording process for the album. Where did you record it and how long did that take?

SWINE: The writing and recording process probably took about eight to ten days spread over eighteen months or so. We don’t get to meet up much but when we do its more of a celebration. We let loose in the studio, starting early in the morning and usually finishing around four am the next day heavily intoxicated. We work furiously with the time we get and the barbaric equipment we have. Humour is key.

What do you guys do when you’re not playing music? What are some things about you that we would never guess?

V/M: I am pretty obsessed with a videogame series called Dark Souls. I go pretty over the top when a new game in the series (most recently Bloodborne) comes out, buying multiple copies and drooling over every detail. Other than that it’s music all the way.

Ultimately, is there a further message to be discerned within the colorful harmonies and slightly dark soundscapes to be found within Liars-Bastards? What is the real take home message here?

V/M: I like to think the lyrics are related to everybody. We all share the Earth and it’s been ruined…by us! We are the enemy. There isn’t a solution to this, there’s no preaching or message involved. It’s all observation and truth. Although I do think that if people faced reality more once in a while we’d all probably not take what we do have, or the people we love, for granted.

Where can we catch you guys live? Are there any touring plans?

V/M: Yeah we’re playing live in Liverpool on the 10th of May and we have another gig lined up for London in June. These are just tentative steps so far to see how it works and see how we like it. There will be a lot more in the future I’m sure.

One of the tracks on the album is bluntly named, “There Will Never Be Peace.” Do you believe this sentiment? From my perspective, every man who fights a war or stands for a cause essentially believes he is right. Regardless of what he does, or how many millions of people he has killed, he believes that he is the hero. Even terror groups and the corporate elite believe that they are doing what they feel is best for mankind. But in reality, this seems to benefit no one at all and serve more of a hindrance than anything else. Your thoughts?

V/M: Can’t really add more to that! I agree. It’s just not in the human race’s nature not to fight. And it’s all money and religion, or should I just say stupidity.

To find out more about HATEFUL ABANDON or to buy their new record, just visit their page over at Candlelight Records. (Eric May)



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