Interview: Lordi Declares The Band’s “Happiest Times Are Over”

Everyone’s favorite Finnish monster squad is back! And with a brand new record entitled Scare Force One. The band promises that the music and costumes will both be much darker and scarier than ever before. As I interviewed Mana (Drums) he declared that the band’s “happy times are over” and stressed that the band HAS NEVER BEEN a child-friendly act. I also discussed with him the possibility of the band ever battling American Scumdog warriors GWAR, which is one monster mash-up that we’d all like to see!

So the new record is called Scare Force One. It’s a really clever title, I think. Tell me a little bit about the new album. What did you want to experiment with this time?

Well, we definitely wanted to go to an even darker and more metal style than To Beast Or Not To Beast was. Happy times are over and I’m not sure if they’re ever coming back.

I also noticed that there were almost more child-friendly tracks on the To Beast Or Not To Beast record last year, but this new album seems to bring back in some more mature topics like “How To Slice A Whore” for example. I know that here in America, people would probably be offended to hand an album with a track of that nature to their children, but how is this regarded as Finland? Are people very strict there too, or would they just say “oh, it’s about a horror movie” and walk on?

I think it’s more like a language issue. In Finland its okay to use rough language if you’re singing in English, but if you use word “huora” (=“whore”) of course people get offended. But after all, we’re not a band for kids and on To Beast Or Not To Beast we even had a song called “We’re Not Bad For The Kids, We’re Worse!”

Tell me a little bit about the writing and recording process for the album. How long did it take to write and record the disc and where did you record it? What was the atmosphere like in the studio? Sounds to me like everything went real smooth.

Writing process started in early January, with rehearsals in April. The basic tracks were recorded in June at Finnvox-studios in Helsinki. After that Mr. Lordi and Mr. Amen went to Lapland with our producer Mikko Karmila to record vocals and guitar solos and finish the job. Smooth is the right word to describe that process. It really was s-m-o-o-t-h. Mr. Karmila was definitely the right man to produce this album and we all liked his style of doing things, and the final result of course! The album really reflects the way that we want to kick ass in 2014!

Other than the lyrics of slicing up a whore (laughs) there are several topics here related to evil clowns, disembodied spirits and more. Where do you guys come up with the lyrics for these albums? An all-day horror movie binge?

Mr. Lordi, the mastermind behind the lyrics is a horror movie fanatic. Horror movies basically are and have been his life. And after all, we are a monstrous heavy metal band. Nobody expects or even wants us to sing about kissing and hugging or saving the rainforests.

The name Scare Force One seems to be a tongue-in-cheek about the US president’s personal aircraft. But with all the politics going on right now, it’s definitely on everyone’s mind. Elections, war, disease… it’s like we’re living the aROCKalypse! What do you think?

You’re absolutely right! These are evil times we’re living in. But we really want to keep our paws and claws out of politics. We’re not that kind of a band either. The band has always liked to play with words and this time somebody came up with Scare Force One and it just escalated into a theme for some of the songs and the album graphics. And most likely for the upcoming tour, we’ll see!

What are some of the bands that inspire you guys? Also, what are your top five favorite records of all time?

For me, Mr. Lordi and Mr. Amen it’s definitely KISS. That band is one of the reasons why I’m in Lordi now. (Laughs) Then there’s Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Wasp, Accept, U.D.O., Rob Zombie and many others I really don’t like to list records, but TODAY my favorite records are:

Kiss – Destroyer

Kiss – Revenge

Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare

Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Danzig – IV

I hear that you’re going to unveil some brand new, never before seen costumes soon. Is this going to be the same monster look that we remember, or something completely new? You’re not about to have a KISS moment without the costumes and makeup, are you?

With every album come new masks and costumes. This time, as with the music, the costumes also went to a darker path. Hella and I went to a hair salon and we’re looking way creepier. I can promise you that there will be no unmasking coming, there are only the monsters. Nothing more and nothing less. The guys behind the masks basically don’t exist. It’s just that simple.

What do you guys think of GWAR and would you ever tour with them? You two are really the only two bands that go out there and pull of the monster look, so I think it would be awesome to see Lordi go against GWAR or to even have an album where both bands are featured on the same disc, sort of like and audio metal battle!

Cool idea! I really didn’t know anything about Gwar before I joined this band. I really like the idea of a rivalry between two monster squads, but I don’t know if it’s an issue anymore after they’ve had some very unfortunate passings in the band. I wish them all the best!

Tell me a little bit about the costumes. How hot does it really get inside those things? Do they have some sort of miniature cooling systems, or do you just have to grit and bear it? I’ve heard it said several times that “you have to suffer for your art.”

All I can say is that they are HOT and there’s no cooling system available except for the fans on stage, which really don’t do shit if it’s a hundred degrees in the venue already. So yeah, we have to “grit and bear” it. But still, it’s the best job in the world.

What’s next for Lordi after Scare Force One?

Well, let’s just “grit and bear” this tour first and see what happens after. (Laughs)

Thanks for answering my questions and this is definitely one of the best Lordi albums yet! – Eric

Cheers, man! My pleasure!


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