Interview With Behemoth Now On New Noise!

Photo by Adam DeGross

Nergal, I have always been fascinated by your lyrical content throughout the whole of your career, finding myself reading the liner notes time and again, and cross-referencing those with the works of Spare and Crowley in order to understand the meaning further. Where do you get your lyrical inspiration, and what are some lyrically potent tracks that you would like to highlight from this release? What did you feel that you needed to say with this album?

I get inspiration from anywhere really…I mean, I read a lot…I keep my eyes open. I meet inspiring people, I visit places that rock my world and bring so much fresh air into my thinking system. But generally speaking, it’s life my friend. That’s what makes me so driven. Life itself is inspiring enough to build this twisted world of Behemoth.

I have heard of your many travels as well, seeing as you’ve visited the exact area of the desert where the serpent Aiwass spoke to Crowley, yet you have also observed the sacred rites of a cult of Kali. What were these experiences like, if you could even begin to describe them? What are your thoughts on the occult, on magick and these sacred magickal orders? How would you prove the existence of occult magick to those who would be naysayers?

All these trips allow you to keep an open mind to the world. They may change your perspective. I’ve learned that changing the angle can have a healing aspect in our lives. Taking these journeys has helped me a lot in many cases. I love travelling. I have a gypsy nature my friend. I’m a nomad…. A nomad on a mission.

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