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The world is right now a place of heavy turmoil, and of course those of the mainstream religions look to a prophecy of the end of the world. Yet, (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the Nordic beliefs follow that the end will come in Ragnarok, during what appears to be an ice age. Do you see this sort of thing happening very soon?

There shall be three winters without an end before Ragnarök. I really hope it will and I hope that I will be here to witness it. We have wars, we have overpopulation, we have environmental issues, we have comets threating from space. The odds are getting better every day, still, none of this is new and the planet has prevailed before but I am a dreamer…

I do have another interesting question about your beliefs, but this one might anger you a bit as it did me. Here in the United States, we have of course had a movie about the comic book character Thor, as you well know. An actor played the part of “Loki” which had some sort of effect on American pagans, women in particular. Apparently, some of them have gone so far as to purchase likenesses and images of the actor dressed as “Loki” and are adhering in ritual to this image. What is your opinion on this? Are they being misled?

(Laughs hysterically) What the fuck!? Seriously? Well, ”monkey see, monkey do” I suppose. What people should remember is that those films are based upon characters in comic books. The comic book characters are based upon someone’s interpretation of Scandinavian mythology, made to fit the comic book style. I suppose that this is quite obvious, but who knows? I might enlighten some kid somewhere. I would recommend everyone interested in films about the Scandinavian past to check out the films by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson instead.

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