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Interview with Christian Horton (Lead Guitar)

Dark Forest is an English classic heavy metal act with loads of folk influences that remind me quite a bit of bit of classic English legends like Skyclad and Satan. These guys are absolutely magnificent, as far as my ears can tell and their new release is really something in that it was recorded with Solfeggio frequencies in mind; making it feel much different than the Rockefeller’s standard of 440hz tuning method. I spoke with Christian about the history of the band, as well as a great deal on the venomous elite, their symbols and their plans. However, we also spoke about the future awakening of mankind and how we must “Rise Like Lions” against this tyranny. I’m entirely pleased to present this interview completely free from censorship, as Christian details a great deal of useful and somewhat arcane knowledge, as well as other sources that you can study and use as a weapon to your own spiritual liberation. Remember, knowledge is power. We also discussed the recording of the new record as well as some meanings behind a few of its few key tracks, personal influences and touring fun. This is our first exclusive interview, so I’m sure that it’ll be memorable.

Please tell me a little bit about the history of Dark Forest. How did the band begin, and how did you reach this point?

I had the idea of forming a band even before I had my first guitar and as I taught myself how to play I was simultaneously writing songs. You can trace the band back to 2002 which is when we had our first full line up and started rehearsing. We didn’t really start gigging until a year or so later and we released our first demo called Succubus in 2004. Over the next few years we had a few lineup changes, released a couple of EPs and played regularly in the Midlands. By 2008 we had built up fan bases both up North and down South in London and that summer we went into the studio to record our debut album which was released in January 2009. Between then and now we’ve had a couple more lineup changes, released another EP and our second album “Dawn of Infinity” and gained attention outside the UK, playing some great gigs and festivals in Europe. Right now we’re getting ready for the album launch gig of The Awakening which will happen on 22nd Feb!

The band’s previous frontman has been replaced by Josh Winnard, a man whose voice is absolutely unreal. But could you discuss how this change occurred?

Our previous singer was Will Lowry-Scott and he definitely helped the band progress to the point we’re at now. I was the original vocalist but because I was also lead guitar, it meant that my song writing was quite limited in what I could sing and play at the same time. Having a separate singer meant that I could really open up my songwriting, I basically had far more freedom and I think you can definitely hear the difference when you compare the debut album to Dawn of Infinity. Will’s voice itself also brought the band to another level so it was a massive disappointment when he decided to leave. I think it was basically a choice between two different lifestyles. The band and his own personal life and relationships were beginning to clash and in the end he decided to make a choice between them. It’s a very difficult thing to except but we had to respect his personal life and choices in the end. When we started auditioning for a new singer, Josh immediately stood out. We knew him from guitarist in Wytch Hazel so had no idea he could sing, but he sent us his vocal recordings doing our songs and we got him down to a proper audition straight away. His voice is very different to Wills but it adds another dimension to our music. Josh is capable of both very high power notes and also soft, almost melancholic vocals which especially on The Awakening, fit perfectly. I certainly think the new lineup has again allowed the songwriting to progress to a new level.

Let’s talk about the album. But before I discuss the recording process, I’m absolutely enthralled by the fact that this album was recorded in 444hz instead of the standard 440hz tuning. As you’ve said, this was to coincide with the lost “Solfeggio frequencies” which were used to “impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony” in addition to repairing DNA. And the album really did reach me on that level. There’s just something different about it. Can you tell me a little more about this process, and these magickal frequencies?

Yeah it was something I had discovered during my research into all things strange and mystical. Sound is extremely important, it affects all matter as is shown in Cymatics for example. Water is also proven to hold information and is hugely affected by vibrational frequencies. Now the human body is nearly 80% water, so it’s no surprise that sounds can affect us either negatively or positively depending on the frequency. I began reading about the origins of 440hz which only became the standard tuning in 1939 when it was dictated to become so by the Rockefellers. Apparently the tuning was also used by the Third Reich because it disrupts the brain into disharmonious resonance and therefore disrupts thought patterns. So I knew that I didn’t want to record in 440hz. Now the Solfeggio frequencies are basically the opposite, like you mention, they have been used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA and in the distant past were used in Gregorian chant and most likely by many other people who had the knowledge of these frequencies. They align you with the universe and allow the life force energy to flow freely. One of the six Solfeggio frequencies is 528hz (the one used with DNA repair) and the easiest thing to do is to tune a guitar to 444hz which will then give you a C note of 528, which is what we did for this album.

Now let’s discuss the process as a whole. How long did it take to write and record the album, and what was the atmosphere like during these processes? Did you run into any difficulties?

Well I’m constantly writing songs, so there’s never a point when we have to say “right, we need to sit down and write an album”. I was writing songs for The Awakening since around the time Dawn of Infinity was released and the whole album had pretty much been written by mid-2012. When Pat and Josh joined the band we started going over these songs again and changing bits here and there, writing some new lyrics or adding lead melodies, things like that. It was then a case of constant rehearsals until we were ready to hit the studio. The atmosphere during the recording was great because of the chemistry within the band, we’re all really good friends so it was a laugh a minute and it’s a special feeling when we all sit back and listen for the first time to what we’ve created together. The only thing we could have asked for was a bit more time because at one point there was a panic that we wouldn’t get it all finished, but aside from that, the whole process went very smoothly.

Dark Forest - The Awakening

Let’s talk about The Awakening, and this is something I know quite a bit about, having studied the occult/metaphysics and various conspiracies for many years now. Tell me a little bit about the album concept if you would.

The Awakening is all about a shift in human consciousness to a higher frequency or vibration. This is basically the next step in our evolution and something which is needed in order to rise out of the lower frequencies which we’ve been held in for so long. It’s about becoming aware of the control grid we’re living under but more so, it’s about gaining a clearer understanding of the nature of reality and the universe and our place within it, not as material; but spiritual beings.

You’ve stated what I’ve always believed to be true, that each and every individual must realize that we are all one in the infinite consciousness and that only by this awakening can we defeat the evil, and let’s literally use the term evil (I just watched a gripping documentary on the New World Order a week or so back and would consider these individuals terribly misguided) of the control system of the global elite. But I ask you, how do we start? How do we start realizing that we’re all in this together? How can we rise up to defeat the oppression which controls all of the world’s weapons and power? It’s kind of like David and Goliath, if you ask me.

Well don’t forget, it was David who won the fight. I think it’s very easy to despair at the situation though, especially when you look around at the state of people, especially the younger generations and what they’re turning into. The amount of dumbing down and social conditioning that’s going on is unreal, but the reason it seems to be getting worse is because the dark unseen rulers are upping their game and that’s because they know they’re running out of time. The shift has already started and they know they can’t stop it; it’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the start of another 24,000 year cycle which is off towards the next golden age. It comes down to them simply wanting to conquer all nature, including us, which cannot ever happen. Their reign will end as it is supposed to, just like it was meant to happen in the first place as a challenge for humanity to overcome. We chose for it to happen in order for us to evolve. The rising up and defeating of it all will be on a spiritual and energetic level.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that with the increase of technology and industry; nature decreases and decays. Whether you want to believe its global warming or not, there’s definitely a recent fury from the earth herself, and perhaps this is a sign that change needs to occur quickly.

Well global warming is one of the biggest NWO frauds going at the moment, but yeah, there are things happening at this moment with the earth. I think this might have more to do with a shaking off of the energies of the past age, like a purging in order to clear the way for what is to come.

Let’s discuss some of the songs. Tell me a bit about “Penda’s Fen”, “Immortal Remains” and “The Secret Commonwealth.” I’m quite curious as to your lyrical interpretations of these songs. What inspires your lyrics?

Secret Commonwealth” is based on a book called The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies by the Rev. Robert Kirk, written in 1691. Kirk was a Seer and in the book he described all sorts of spirit beings that he or others have seen. It’s one of the most important books of fairy lore. “Immortal Remains” also takes its name from a book and deals with life after death. It tells the story of someone on their death bed and all the fears and questions that goes through their head until eventually they pass on and discover that they do live on. “Penda’s Fen” is based on a short film of the same name made in 1973 by Alan Clarke and David Rudkin. This song links into another song on the album called Sons of England. It’s the story of a boy from Malvern who has been brought up believing himself to be a true “Son of England” – a middle class, Christian Conservative who loves Elgar. He has a series of mystical experiences where all of his beliefs about what it is to be English are questioned including his religion, politics, race, sexuality, traditions etc. He ends up meeting with King Penda of Merica who was the last Anglo-Saxon king to be a Pagan and he realises that all of his previous beliefs were wrong.

I can definitely pick out influences in your music like Iron Maiden and perhaps even Skyclad, but whom else could you say inspired your sound?

I always say that these days it’s not so much bands that inspire me, but it’s more to do with finding inspiration from nature or atmospheres. Having said that we’ve obviously been inspired by the bands that we listen to and yeah Iron Maiden is a big one along with many traditional bands like Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Rainbow etc. and the NWOBHM movement. There have also been some folk influences, like the earlier works of Elvenking, Falconer, Falkenbach and Skyclad as you mention and also even some thrash and melodic death metal. A fairly broad range really.

I’ve got another interesting question for you. England’s always been a hotbed for occult study, witchcraft (or modern Wicca as it’s referred to now) and other sorts of arcane and natural arts. Yet, when you look at the rituals and ideas of the elite (as I have) I see things that also have an occult influence like Egyptian, Sumerian and Hebrew texts. They’re obviously fans of Solomon’s seal, as well as works like the Kabbalah. Why do you think this is? Do you think that instead of using the energy of nature and the universe to power their own wills, instead of benefiting mankind? I’ve even read an interesting article about the elite supposedly trying to seal the power of the pyramids. Quite intriguing.

The practice of these rituals is because their bloodline runs back through these cultures. It’s the same elite which have dominated the earth all this time. From ancient Sumeria and Babylon, through Egypt, Rome, Britain etc. etc. it has been the same Empire. That’s why you will find their symbol of the eagle all the time for example, and why they practice all the rituals of these cultures. The Kabbalah is basis of Freemasonry which is Hebrew mysticism, and you’ll find so many corporations which are run by Freemasons using VV or 66 in their logos, which in the Kabbalah is the number of the Abyss. Then sometimes they’ll have another one to form 666. A good example is if you look at the logo for Monster energy drinks. Look at those three shred marks then look at the Hebrew symbol for the number 6. Another example is Volkswagen, Hitler’s war machine, they use the VV (V being 6 in Hebrew) but they link the two V’s together to form 666. When you realize who’s running thingsand study what they’re into, everything around you starts to look very different. Yeah it’s exactly what they’re doing, using the universal energies to empower themselves and control the will of others. That’s the difference between the sorcerer and the magician. Also yeah they tried to cap the Great Pyramid with gold on the eve of the year 2000 but were unable to because of a strange, thick fog which descended and made it impossible for the helicopter to place the cap.

I really hate to say something like this, but I’ve also noticed that only the bands on much smaller labels are actually against the system of control, while many of the major label acts seem to push its goals and ideas through their images. You can see it quite heavily in popular bands; of course I don’t much talk about it; as well as the mainstream media and their Illuminati obsession. If you had the chance to sign to a mainstream label, but had to push the agenda and image of the elite; would you still sign the contract?

(Laughs) No chance! Yeah the music industry is rife with Illuminati symbolism and mind control. If you look into MK Ultra and Monarch Programming you’ll find some very dark and disturbing information about what goes on in the music industry. The major labels are involved in all sorts of evil shit, so once you sign to someone like that, you’re in the belly of the beast.

Dark Forest

Let’s talk about touring. What are some of your most memorable tours thus far, and who have you had the chance to play on stage with? Do you have any funny stories from the road?

We’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with some amazing bands like Satan, Pagan Altar, Trouble, Cloven Hoof, Sanctuary and many other bands who we really respect. It’s always great playing in Germany, the fans there are really into it, also touring Ireland was fun and it was amazing to headline Stronghold of Metal festival in Portugal. When we’re on the road it’s a laugh a minute, often at the expense of poor old Paul who I know will get his own back when we least expect it.

What do you guys do when you’re not playing music? What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy? What are some books or films that you might recommend to those who want to share in this awakening?

Personally speaking I love going out into nature and the countryside, having a few beers around a woodland fire is always good. I’ve always read and studied folklore and history (or trying to work out the true history as opposed to what we’ve been told) and have a general obsession with the past. This bleeds into the area of past lives, life after death, spiritual and psychic phenomena and the supernatural in general. I also brew beer and plan to go into that area quite a bit actually. For books, films and the like having to do with the awakening, I’d say look into the works of people like David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones and Freeman.

Finally, is there anyone living or dead that you would want to play onstage with?

Maybe not literally on stage with because I’d get absolutely destroyed but if we were supporting, then Iron Maiden or Ritchie Blackmore.

Thanks for such an impressive album. This is one of those that hit me by surprise really; I never expected it to pack such a punch. I love what you’ve done with the recording process, as well as the purpose behind it and truly stand by what you’re trying to achieve with this music.

Dark Forest’s The Awakening is out February 14th via Cruz Del Sur Music!  |

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