Interview With New Keepers Of The Water Towers, Now On New Noise!

This album has been considered by some to be “Dark Side Of The Doom,” which is an obvious reference to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. How do you feel about this statement?

That is an album that we all love and draw a lot of influence from, so it’s a cool comparison. I don’t think our music sounds that much like Pink Floyd’s though. I guess it is more a general feel to the music that resembles theirs and perhaps some of the lyrical themes. It is honorable that someone thought of that record while listening to ours, but I hope that people find more to our music than just that.

Where do you stand as far as beliefs go? Are you religious, spiritual, or neither?

We are firm believers in reason, scientifically proven knowledge and the will to find answers within the unknown. It would be foolish to rule out and stop the mind’s expansion because of some presumed “eye in the sky.” Religious beliefs are counterproductive and have already set human evolution back thousands of years. It is time we let go of these fairy tales and address our thoughts to some of the more relevant topics…

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