Interview With Otargos, Now On New Noise!

Your band incorporates so many interesting elements, which range from industrial to black and death metal, with hints of thrash and loads of melody in some areas – even guitar solos, which you didn’t really hear in early black metal. How do you guys decide exactly how each song is going to sound and what mood it is going to carry? Is it something that just happens on the spur of the moment?

It comes when I write and compose. I can’t really explain. When I try to the other guys it’s really hard to me, for example when they want to modify or add something that I consider completely “out” or off-topic. I feel that each song is a kind of movie, a story with an introduction, a main plot, and a conclusion; so I compose my riffs this way. That’s why it takes so long. I want to feel a multitude of things while listening to my own work. If it has no thrill, then I don’t want to keep it.

Let’s talk about the lyrical content. Can you explain to me what “Apex Terror” is? I’m also curious about a few of these other tracks, like “Remnant From A Long Dead Star” and “Fallout” which almost sounds like a rebellion march at points. Is there some sort of storyline that connects all of these tracks together?

There are several main topics in Apex Terror: the future and fall of humanity, cosmic cataclysm, and some Warhammer 40K inspiration. Apex Terror represents all that we as humans are not capable of imagining outside of our cosmos. This is what the cover of the album expresses – the most important thing about seeing this design is that we can’t imagine what is behind it.

“Remnant…” talks about the end of our sun in billions of years without any human eyes to witness, because all life will have been evaporated for millions of years. “Fallout” talks about future Earth plunged into a radioactive nuclear winter and its civilization lost without any hope.

Usually lyrics like these are a product of research and personal hobbies, for instance I might find that one who writes a lot about science fiction elements would be interested in science fiction novels or films. Are there any films, documentaries, or novels, possibly even video/computer games that you might have derived some influence from?

Yes of course, all of my lyrics are inspired by my hobbies and passions. I always have been passionate about cosmology, astrophysics, sci-fi movies and the Warhammer 40K universe. Even when I was writing more black metal style lyrics (on all previous albums) I used all of these elements and themes. Sometimes I think I am the only one who understands the meaning of what I write! (Laughs) Even if I know just a few people really pay attention to the lyrics, I work a lot on them, just as much as the music.

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