Interview With Scream Machine Now On New Noise!

“You recently shot an interesting video for “Toxic Agenda” which has had quite a bit of controversy towards it. Can you talk a little about it? Are you planning on shooting any videos for this new album?

Yeah, we did get some hate for that one. I expected it, in some ways. People don’t want to hear the truth and when you try to tell them things that disrupt their thinking, they get upset. People stopped listening to Scream Machine because of that video and what the song is about. But people also started listening to Scream Machine because of that video and what the song was about, so it went both ways. Many people thought that it was brilliant and that we were very brave for making it and others thought it was ridiculous, so you never can tell. “Toxic Agenda” was our attempt to put all of these things right in your face and it succeeded. It’s just that some people chose to turn their heads. That’s their choice, but it’s a shame.

We’ve got some ideas for new videos for sure. Nothing definite yet; we are in a sort of transitional period with our personal lives right now. We just bought a new house so there is a lot going on with that. I am supposed to be shooting video footage for two other artists that I did guest spots for, so hopefully I can get that done soon as well.

It is no secret that you’re a devout studier of conspiracies, particularly of the Illuminati. Some people say that they’re just a marketing scheme these days, even long time believers. But what do you think? Should we be worried?

Well, the “Illuminati conspiracy” has existed since long before you and I were born, so I don’t think that it’s a marketing scheme. People are trying to cash in on it, but that’s nothing new. People cashed in on AIDS when they could. That does not make AIDS a farce or affect its validity. I also think that with all of the information that is around these days, some people might have a vested interest in making many things look like a scam or hoax…”

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