Interview With Stellar Master Elite Now On New Noise!

From a lyrical perspective, the lyrics on this album are very anti-elite and seem to oppose the New World Order/Illuminati. Can you speak a little about this and what does the title, Destructive Interference Generator refer to?

Yes, I like that description and that’s a good example of what it could stand for. Do you know that for the short time Stellar Master Elite has existed, you are the first journalist who’s mentioned that?

For this album I had the movie They Live in my mind for a long time. I saw it the first time as a young boy and believe that it has the ability to make us question our reality. It was more than just inspiring and in these times more real than ever. In the beginning we wanted to name the album like that but the we realized that we don´t want to be limited to the movie and we later changed the album title to Destructive Interference Generator as it fits perfectly to the lyrical album concept and goes a bit further thematically. It was the perfect title for the artwork Ben did for us. If you saw the film I think you would really understand what we mean with Destructive Interference Generator a lot better than with words, as we wanted to inspire the imagination of the listener to get his/her own view about it. But for everybody who wants to know more about what we mean with that, then watch the movie They Live for a better understanding, as it is also a really great movie.

The media seems to be a large pusher of elite ideas. There have been all sorts of elite symbolism in popular magazines, as well as on movies and in music videos, including concert performances which are viewed by millions in this country. Do you see this brand of elite symbolism as a marketing scheme, or do you believe that something very evil is going on and is being targeted at our youth? 

To me it looks like unconscious mind programming. As Alan Moore said: “Magic in its earliest form is often referred as “the art”… and I believe that magic is art and that art, whether that would be writing, music, sculpture or any other form is literally magic. Art is, like magic; the science of manipulating symbols, words or images in order to achieve changes in consciousness. The language of magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art as it is about supernatural events. A grimoire or book of spells for example, is simply a fancy way of saying grammar. It does indeed “cast words” or change people´s consciousness and I believe that this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you could compare to a shaman. I believe that all cultures must have arisen from cult. Originally, all of the facets of our culture, whether they would be in the arts or sciences were the province of the shaman. The fact that in present times, this magical power has degenerated to the level of cheap entertainment and manipulation I think is a tragedy. At the moment the people who are using shamanism and magic to shape our culture are advertisers. Rather than try to wake people up, their shamanism is used as an opiate to tranquilize people, to make them more manipulable. Their magic box of television, and their magic words, their “jingles” can cause everybody in the country to be thinking the same words and have the same trivial thoughts at exactly the same moment.

Have you heard about MK Ultra and Monarch mind control methods? If so, do you think that some of these methods have been used on popular stars in the media? We live in a world surrounded by Reality game shows in which people are signing their lives over to unknown entities who wish to use them to create more wealth, possibly brainwashing and hypnotizing them to become what the corporate media wants.

Yes, I do. And like the answer before, it seems that a lot of these programming techniques they use for a longer time. If you want to reach a wide range of people, then popular music, films and tv-shows are the best weapon of choice I think.

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