Interview With We All Die Laughing, Now On New Noise!

Furthermore, what in the heck do you guys mean by Thoughtscanning? Where did this album title come from? Does it have to do with some sort of 1984 type of conspiracy like the thought police, or is it something much deeper?

It’s the title of a song from one of my previous bands, Extravaganza. It’s about analyzing all the data contained in one single brain, be it sadness, anger, fear, hope, guilt… And it’s pretty much what we tried to achieve with the lyrics of the album, that are “scanning” (if I may say so) the thoughts of one depressed person. Just as the music itself, it displays different states of mind, because no one can be 100% sad or 100% angry. What you feel is always the result of mixed emotions. That’s what we’ve been trying to recreate musically and lyrically.

What is your opinion on the state of our world? From the sounds of this album, (although it is littered with several fascinatingly beautiful solo pieces) and the look of the cover art, it would seem that you feel we’re heading down a very grim path.

The album doesn’t express the state of the world itself. It’s much more displaying the despair and the suffering of that small creature called “a human being.” But of course, by extension, you may guess rather easily how full of hope we are (hum…) regarding humanity, the world, and life in general.

What do you think of modern music today? Not just popular music, but the heavy metal scene as well?

Too many useless bands, as well as too many excellent bands. Hence, the good bands get drowned in a sea of shit, and it’s a real pity. Otherwise, metal does not seem to have to worry for its health. Some new bands are doing great (among them, my fave one is Ghost BC, which is pure fucking genius), and older bands like Voïvod or Death Angel have released last year their better albums in ages. Everything comes around in cycles, and metal keeps on rolling. Today’s popular music I couldn’t speak about. Apart from some bands like Daft Punk or Jamiroquai, I stayed away from everything recent. I keep on listening to my old albums by Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, some funk, jazz, or hip hop bands from the early days of rap.

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