Invertia: An Interview with Tim & Dave

Invertia perform a mix of black, death and industrial metal, sounding a bit like early Aborym or current-era Dodheimsgard. Inspired by bands like Godflesh and Immortal, the two sought to find a way that best mixes the electronic and extreme metal genres together, eventually forming this debut, Another Scheme Of The Wicked. Also included on the disc is an alternate version of the album, completely remixed by several talented artists within the Ohm Resistance label and even Godflesh/Jesu frontman Justin K Broadrick, himself.

First of all, tell me a little about the band and how you got started. What got you into electronic/industrial music and black metal?

We’ve both been playing for decades and once we met we knew that the chemistry was there, something different than we have ever heard. Both of us are originally from Massachusetts and have played around with various types of music so we tend to bring everything to Invertia.

Dave heard Godflesh through his friend Matt and he said, what is that? And he knew that was the type of music that he wanted to do. At the same time, Tim was channeling the emotion of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails into his music. The album that made Dave want to play black metal was Immortal’s Pure Holocaust & he realized that if he could put that grim sound into the template of industrial music then it’d be something special. And here we are.

Let’s talk about the writing and recording of the album. How long did it take to write and record Another Scheme Of The Wicked and where did you do this work?

It took us about a year to record it; and we did it in Tim’s home studio mostly. Kurt from Ohm Resistence did a great job mastering it as well. When we wrote it, we were coming off of finalizing the first album where we pretty much figured out what we wanted to sound like so the songs on Wicked are somewhat a perfection of what we were going after from the first one. And just as the evolution from the first to the second, we are now in the process of writing the third album and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

The album seems to really push towards the idea of modern religion as a threat to humankind. How do you put this idea forth on the record and why do you feel that the darkness of the faith needs to be exposed in such a manner?

Invertia - Another Scheme Of The Wicked

Any thing or person that’s role is to control the population through the dissemination of lies needs to be put in the light. Who are we as a people if we let those in power manipulate our thoughts, feelings and behaviors with overt bullshit that is designed to keep us in our place so that they can capitalize from us? Invertia’s lyrics have at times brought a light on these issues because they are very important to us and they should be to you too. Our lyrical content tends to be current topical real world issues and we hope that translates to the listener.

But surely there are worse things in the world than religion alone? What is your opinion on politics? Do you believe in an elite “1%” who controls most of the world’s wealth? If so, what could we do about it?

Other than starvation, religion is the worst thing in the world. Because more people have died over the philosophies dispensed with most extreme religions than any other reason. As far as politics goes, we both agree that the political landscape is ridiculously skewed and we deal with it in different ways, it’s a pathetic program when you come down to it, oppressing the poorest & keeping the rich supported. I know, for example, one of my customers that I did real life work for today gave Mitt Romney FIFTY MILLION dollars towards his last campaign. A very wealthy man, that’s a gamble, and he lost. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone else, this was his own interest. Nice guy, but he doesn’t give a shit about the country at all.

Some say that there are darker corridors in religion beyond what you’ve even described. I’m talking about the act of ritual sacrifice in order to appease “demonic entities” and gain power, while under the cloak of a “virtuous and righteous” religious cause. Do you think that this is possible, and if so why?

It’s the same bullshit as religion. It’s the act of believing in something that is not based on factual evidence or reality. It’s in fact, a form of mental illness. Those who worship an anthropomorphic god are mentally ill. If by virtuous and righteous you mean caring and helping out thy neighbor, then we are not talking about religion.

Would you consider yourselves believers in anything? And if so, what would that be?

Dave says he has no faith; it’s too much to ask. He tries not to project, but he has had a boatload of hope. However, faith is too concrete. I hope it’s real, but come on. Tim on the other hand suggests that you stop. What are you doing right now? Where are you? Forget about the future. Be here now. You will be gone soon enough.

What would you consider to be your top five favorite albums of all time? Additionally, what kind of music are you listening to now?

It changes week to week, but:

Dave: Godflesh, Pure. Ministry, Land Of Rape And Honey. Aborym, With No Human Intervention. Butthole Surfers, Independent Worm Saloon. Emperor, Anthoms To The Welkin At Dusk.

Tim: Glenn Branca, Symphony #1. Mr. Bungle, Disco Volante. Mahavishnu Orchestra, Birds Of Fire. Oranssi Pazuzu, Valonielu. Plaid, Scintilli.

How did the collaboration between Justin K. Broadrick occur? How about the other four remixers? What do you think the remixes add to the album and what are your favorite of these?

It was just a Facebook message to all of them. It was that simple. We talked and made it happen. As far as what they add, it’s a whole new realm of depth. It’s looking at the songs from another person who we admire’s perspective. All of the remixes really translate by themselves to a broad range of interpretation and neither of us would change them. Those who discard the remixes as extras should take a second listen to them because we are not easily placed into a labeled box and we chose to put the remixes on the same disc for that very reason.

Is Invertia something that we’ll be seeing live?

We are playing on May 31 at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn NY with Blood Of Heroes featuring Bill Laswell, Silent Killer, DEFCE, and Katmai. Tickets are available at – we are currently working on the live set and will be getting more shows as well.

What do you guys do when you’re not making music? What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Dave is into horror movies and baseball, and Tim is trying to figure out how to go completely off the electric grid. He hasn’t succeeded yet, so go to the show and show him your support.

What can we expect from Invertia in the future? Are any more collaboration efforts possible?

We are always open for collaborations, so contact us through Facebook! We are working with Kurt from Submerged and will be writing what will become our third album which we think is going to be more experimental than before, so collaborations add that element. It’s like a box of chocolates.

Thanks for answering my questions and for a solid industrial/black metal release with such an interesting bi-polar nature (first side is metal, other side is more electronic atmosphere). There aren’t many bands who would add a remix album to the original disc itself (they’d make you pay extra for the remix disc) so it’s good to see that the listener gets two versions of the album for the same price. It’s an awesome way to get your band noticed. I’ll keep an eye on you! – Eric 

Eric, thanks for checking out our music. It is clear that you GET what we are about and we thank you so much for your support and the opportunity to do an interview with you. You rock dude!

Pick up a copy of Another Scheme Of The Wicked here:
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