Iron Savior – Rise Of The Hero (2014)

Iron Savior - Rise Of The Hero

“As you can expect, most of the lyrical content on this album is of the same fantasy/sci-fi construct, but that’s just fine with me. There’s actually a song devoted to Kill Bill on the album called “Revenge Of The Bride,” which actually serves to do justice to the source material, while providing the right amount of thunder that we’d expect with an anthem to an assassin. The Dio influenced “Dragon King” brought back memories, as did the Hammerfall inspiration brought on by “Burning Heart.” The operatic vocal backing sections are actually used on this album, giving it the feel of Imaginations From The Other Side, yet not the vast amount of structure which went into such a piece. However, Iron Savior deliver quick punches and unforgettable vocal acrobatics that channel wonderfully into tracks like their Mando Diao cover of “Dance With Somebody.” Trust me, once you’ve heard it it’ll be tough to get it out of your head. And yes, they also give it the Iron Savior solo treatment, proving that the odd choice works for them…”

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