Italy Fudging The Numbers? What’s Really Going On Over There?

(Originally Completed March 25th, 2020)

This is a surprise article, based on information that was certainly surprising to me. I received a direct message from an individual who I worked with in the past just last night and it may interest some of you to know that he lives in Italy, where the virus is hardest hit outside of China. Though he does not downplay the incident, he does provide some information that both myself and Central Scrutinizer fully agreed upon and that is simply that the virus is being overblown by the media. The following are excerpts from the conversation that myself and this individual had, edited and properly formatted for English audiences. If you need to translate this to other languages (and that’s why I loved the old blog) you can cut and paste this article into Google Translate or your favorite translation software.

The first bit of info he gave wasn’t all that cryptic, merely “wash your hands every time you touch something, clean your smartphone, exc.” He also noted that every antibacterial lotion should have more than 60% alcohol in it” which most of us know by now. He also added that people should be washing their faces. “It can’t survive more than seventeen days. On plastic and stainless steel, it’s about 3-4 days.” We all should know this information by now, but I’m merely going in the order of received messages. My source goes on to state that he is sure that he and his wife got the disease in December. He adds that “my friends working in hospitals told me about a serious number of respiratory problems this winter, before the Corona warning. They’re not telling the truth about this.”

My source clarifies that “young people do not have problems unless they have cancer or underlying conditions.” Not surprisingly, he notes that “the numbers in Italy aren’t as they sell them, because they categorize every death. There are no tests for the virus on young people over there, so the percentage of deaths is enormous.” He then claims that “the real mortality rate from the virus is about 1-3%.” That is still a bit high, though not as high as the 1-9% that the mainstream media has been spewing. He adds that “they don’t differentiate if you die with or from corona, everyone has the virus inside of us every year.” Also of no surprise to anyone at all, the Italian doctors decided to throw every single type of coronavirus into one basket, including the common cold and flu. He states that “the tests are positive from normal coronaviruses as well.” So I have to wonder, why would they do this? Just out of laziness, overwork or some other instance that we don’t have enough information on as of yet?

He adds that “70-80% of the population has it, but only a small percentage has to be recovered in hospitals.” Obviously, those would be the elderly and people with underlying conditions. So quit smoking if you’re still doing that. He says that “they are only testing ill people and most of those are elderly” of course. He claims that “they are pushing to create some kind of big problem” and I have seen these long rambling messages everywhere on the internet from Italians or supposed Italians on how bad the problem is. But they’re all anonymous and look suspiciously like copypasta.

There are some other pieces of the conversation that I can’t independently verify here, such as the fact that a US congressman (name not identified) claimed that “the virus has been around since the fall of last year.” I personally remember getting ridiculously weak in January, and I had to take off work. I was so weak that I could not even pick up Zexxy and put her in bed that night. It was the only night in over a year that I haven’t slept beside her in my own house. I have not been that sick in years, so if that was indeed corona, then corona sucks. Just a personal anecdote there.

He claims (again, not independently verified) that “the nations that became effected by the virus the most were those who had done a trade deal with China just last year.” Apparently, this deal “kills the US economy with a part of Europe and the US accessibility to Africa.” He claims that “no one in Italy wants US supremacy” over there and “just a few weeks before spring the virus started in Wuhan, Iran, South Korea and Italy.” He also claims that “this isn’t about conspiracy, but there is too much going on behind the scenes of the corona problem.” He outlines a few of these like “Bridgewater, economic crisis, the banking system, taxation systems, overpopulation, continual erosion of freedoms” and others. He claims that “we’re headed for a big bang and in need of a hard reset” and “this is what we think and discuss though not on the internet, but with real specialists in our multinational corporations with big names.” He adds that “no one knows what’s really going on behind the scenes” so what I’ve typed prior may be pure speculation, “but there are too many things that started in the fall of last year and all at the same time.”

My source also speculates on Italy. He claims that “we shit on the EU” (which is reversed in Italy as the UE) “because it’s American and we don’t want it.” He adds that “Germany and France love it, but we are the richest nation in the world due to our flora, fauna and personal richness.”

Moving onto other topics, he says that during the quarantine we should “stay in the Sun. Either on a balcony or in the front of a window. Let the Sun on your skin for at least a half hour a day, you need it.” He adds, “Don’t look too much at screens, look to the horizon. It’s important for your body and head.” Sound advice. Additionally he claims that “you need about 5mcg of Vitamin D a day” (which I can clarify people are not buying much of in my area) and “2g of Vitamin C a day” (which is currently flying off the shelves in my area). “It is the military standard recommendation.”

Finally he adds that we should all “watch funny videos, laugh and sing-along” adding that it’s “good for mental health.” We should “take a shower, laugh and sing, because laughter is the way.” Am I supposed to do it all at the same time? He told me specifically that I should “take my “girl” (#shotsfired) to a picnic on my sofa (#moreshotsfired) and tell her the stupidest joke I know” claiming that he was not joking with me. Well, my “girl” needs to be prepped out of bed today anyway.

In conclusion, I have some final thoughts. First of all, folks, let’s try to calm down a little about the virus. I work in the stores and see the panic buying. It just shows me how much of a herd mentality that humans have and that’s shockingly frightening. Ben Swann has also been pulling the lid off things, including the fact that some amendment privileges are being denied due to the situation. In other words, some people are not getting jailed, nor arrested for criminal behaviors. Ammo purchases have also gone up somewhere between 400-500% within the last week. There are a lot of bizarre and frankly frightening decisions being made right now, but rest assured that this whole thing should pass over soon and we’ll be onto the next big problem in society; the fallout after the virus. It will take the economy a long time to recover and hopefully we’ll be able to do that with minimized causalities.

Update: As of right now, the US total of cases for covid-19 total more than one million people. The worldwide death count could peak at around 300,000. There have been many doctors and nurses coming out with conspiratorial rumors and in some cases substantial evidence regarding the way that deaths are tallied in response to this virus. Their credentials are being challenged by those on the political left, while many on the right in mostly rural areas are stressing that the country needs to be reopened as soon as possible. Obviously, places that have been hit hard like New York and New Jersey should not reopen; but many rural areas should fare well, especially my little neck of the woods.

The new information from my source claims, that “mortality is 0.057-0.1%” and made the controversial claim that “this is not a virus, this is a fake epidemic!” He also added, “Our hospital never collapsed, only 75% for a short moment” and that “all numbers were manipulated and every simple multiplication was wrong.”

I was also sent this information ( which he described would only be accurate if two-hundred and forty million people lived in Italy. A simple Google search will show you that this is not the case. In 2019, only sixty million people reside in the country.

(EDIT) This information has been corrected, those are the official numbers in the graph and they’re right. Five-hundred and eighty-three death increases per one million Italian citizens against the previous year or a percentage of 0.06%. “The government used false data last week” my source claims.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that there is some kind of political game being played and it seems like it will only affect certain areas. Additionally, the western media have moved on from the virus and are now losing their minds over a Japanese murder hornet. They simply move from one thing to the next, as like other crises in society; covid-19 fades into obscurity. At least, for the most part. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of damage it has dealt in the northeast and it is very unlikely that they will recover by next year.

But hey, let’s all run in fear from this new thing, because these hornets are kinda big.


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