Katarina Gubanova – Replays by Miss Key #1 (2017)

Katarina Gubanova

Replays By Miss Key #1


Katarina Gubanova is a pianist, and while we don’t usually cover piano music, we do cover quite a bit of rock and heavy metal. So similar to the string renditions of Tool and Rammstein classics, we now have Guabnova’s first release, a selection of slightly heavier tunes that sound much differently on the keys than they do through the guitars, drums and vocal approaches that we’re used to. Best of all, her compositions sound brilliant and even romantic, which might make for a great night on the town. It’s doubtful that your partner would even know it’s the music of thundering acts like Amon Amarth, Satyricon, Arch Enemy and more that they’ll be absorbing while immersed in good wine and conversation. Amon Amarth’s “Guardians Of Asgard” opens up the album with a rather Wagner feel, flowing downward into a rather melancholy and quite beautiful mid-section. Arch Enemy’s “No More Regrets” which sounds a bit chaotic, despite the amount of melody on display. In a sense, you can almost feel the classical composition behind the Amott’s playing here which works to even further tie extreme metal compositions to that of classical. Satyricon’s “Phoenix” follows a more melancholy vibe, as it is one of their most obtuse tracks, hardly sounding like anything we’d have expected from them. It was my favorite track from that ill-fated previous album though, so at least it’s been done justice here. The next one we have here is Slipknot‘s “Vermillion Pt.2” which is definitely one of my favorite tracks from that experimental era of the band. Again, we’re getting a largely brooding feel from this one, yet that can also come off quite calming, depending on the listener. The last one we have here is Volbeat‘s “For Evigt” which I found to be the most upbeat of the compositions here. It almost sounds like something you would hear in a children’s show at times, feeling overly jaunty and almost out-of-place in terms of mood. Replays By Miss Key #1 is an oddly unexpected disc that I find would add a heavy metal edge to all of your fancy dinner parties. Play it at your next big celebration, and I strongly doubt that those unfamiliar with the genre would even be aware of what has been translated here.

“Might I say, these are splendid compositions. Though I don’t recall ever hearing them. Would you know the composer by chance?”

“Oh sure. That’s Katarina Gubanova, and she’s a metalhead.”

(5 Tracks, 23:00)


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