Khaos Dei – Opus II: Catechism (2016)

The sophomore album from this French trio caught my attention for it’s unexpected usage of heavy grooves in black metal. Though the album features a fair share of blast beats and tremolo as one might expect for virtually any black metal album, it also seems to feature a bit of post-metal and possibly some hardcore semblances as well. It’s very difficult to tell, because the record is one huge mix of emotions and some might consider it a bit too packed and convoluted to truly absorb in the first place. There are even three short instrumental breaks thrown in just for what seems to be the hell of it, with roughly six or seven full-length cuts featured on the disc in total. That’s not to say that these are short cuts however, as most of them are six minutes long and soon reach that of ten towards the very end of the disc. The vocal approach can be that of a harsh vocal scowl, but it is often frantic screaming which can be beneficial depending on the piece. At least they’re thinking out of the box here, because the last thing I want from this genre now is a black metal album that sounds like every other black metal disc I’ve heard since ’96.

Indeed, parts of the album do seem to verge towards funereal levels, with the brooding “Le Noyau Du Chaos” reaching doomy thumps and expressing an awfully grim atmosphere. But then we’ll have the thrash of “Sous Le Banniere Noire” which rolls from thrash to blasting death metal. Khaos Dei seem to not be barred down by anything, making black metal their bitch and creating a sound that is truly their own in the process. You might not get it, but that’s alright – because you don’t have to. For those who are looking for a more adventurous and contemporary approach to the black metal genre, you might just find something here. And if you don’t, no worries as there are always great classic style approaches for you to dig into. I just feel that I am finding less and less interest in them lately.

(11 Tracks, 50:00)



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