Kill Everything – Scorched Earth (2018)

Kill Everything

Scorched Earth

Comatose Records

From the very start of this one, I like the fact that I can actually discern the vocals. I’m not really sure why that is, but the first few lines of the band’s opener and namesake cut “Kill Everything” were extremely audible. I have to say, this music breathes on a whole new level when you can actually understand it. That being said, this kind of vocal edge also kind of sounds like it’s coming from grumpy old Grandpa Stu, who got woken up out of sound sleep and just starting grumbling along with a death metal band that was playing on the stereo. Maybe it was the loud thump of that stereo that woke him up! In any case, this effect doesn’t make for the most memorable vocal performance, even though the rest of the band provides a good kick in which to deliver these lines. I also have to say that from what I’ve heard this far in (on the re-listen) I’m discovering that Kill Everything are a rather slow act. If you like a bit more pace to your brutal death metal, you may find something here and that’s perfectly fine. The drumming is also not nearly as frantic as most bands in this genre, which is actually kind of refreshing. There’s not much going on in the guitar department though and perhaps Kill Everything might be a bit too slow. Every once in a while something seems to spark up, but not nearly enough to keep me entertained. It isn’t that the drummer isn’t showing his chops, but perhaps there’s just not enough here for me to chew on proper. One of the problems with this genre is that so many acts seem to sound the same. I mean, I just covered Posthuman Abomination which floored me, so when I hear Kill Everything, I feel like their style of brutal death metal is just sort of watered down from that. The band focuses on more of a groove-oriented mesh of slowdowns, so I guess I could say that this makes them a standout from their peers, but I’m not sure how many people are going to be in the mood for a slowkill these days. There’s certainly nothing wrong with it though and I’m sure that these guys will only get better with time. Right now though, I’m just not hearing anything that makes me willing to drop anchor. That being said, you may find something in it and the link for further observance will be provided below.

(8 Tracks, 30:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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