Killing Addiction – Omega Factor (2018)

Killing Addiction

Omega Factor

Xtreem Music

Originally released in ’93 this debut album from the Floridian death metallers still comes in strong, with a fresh remastering and some bonus EP and demo stuff just for good measure. Now the bonus material is only available with a physical copy, but I don’t know if it has also been remastered along with the main course. Judging from these early grimy demo tracks that I’m currently jamming, I wouldn’t say so – though I may be wrong and it could have sounded even more lo-fi than it does here. The mind boggles on that one.

As for the banquet of death metal that listeners will receive here, I can say that it is quite fearsome, particularly within the drum and vocal efforts. I love an album where the drums really kick, and that’s what I’m getting here. There’s also a mixture of scowls and growls in the vocal section, which are so inaudible as to be unintelligible as far as the lyrics go – but that’s fine with me, this was old school death metal and it was all about the atmosphere, just banging your head and really getting into that whole aura of death and destruction. The grooves run thick also, which is a total plus for me. In addition to that, these guys show off their technical skills in more than a few areas along with a couple of well-placed solos where solos can commonly be found.

All in all, the disc is a welcome reintroduction to the classic death metal scene of the nineties, and it comes packed with more than a couple of bells and whistles to keep listeners hooked. I think this is the kind of album that will appeal as much to fans of classic death just as much as it will to fans of the tech-death resurgence that we’ve been experiencing lately. I also think that fans of early Cryptopsy will find something to love in it, but it isn’t going to replace None So Vile any time soon.

That being said, I’m quite happy with the remaster, because it doesn’t just raise the roof on everything and instead provides a necessary clarity needed heavily in this kind of music. If you’ve got to have that classic sound, certainly give the disc a listen at the link below. This record still kicks a great deal of ass, even decades later.

(15 Tracks, 71:00)


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