Kimura – Euthanize Sterilize (2018)


Euthanize Sterilize

Into The Records

Coming off like a cross between Pantera and Lamb Of God, this groove metal act comes off with a satisfactory second outing. The production value is a little bit raw, like that of a demo, but it is definitely listenable. The frontman offers a growl that reminds me a little bit of Machine Head frontman Rob Flynn, but Kimura here have a bit more bite than Machine Head have offered over the last few years, especially considering the band’s latest abortion. I will say that the sound here is extremely organic and doesn’t feel like it was crafted by one guy, a guitar and a drum program. Now, I know that drum programs can be great, but it feels as there is an actual skinsman here and you’ll notice when he actually pounds on the kit with the right amount of finesse. A few modernisms are used, like Gojira-esque sweep-picking, but it also has a slight Nu Metal vibe, which again drives the Machine Head comparisons. I will note that at least the effort shows some diversity in lieu of speed, style and tempo so you’re not getting the same old groove for less than thirty minutes. Euthanize Sterilize is definitely a listenable effort and it definitely feels like a band at their very beginnings. One can definitely say that they’re playing around their record collections here, but I have a feeling that there will be a greater sense of differentiation and style on the next outing. If you enjoy acts such as I’ve named, then you’re going to enjoy jamming this one; but if you’re into more technical and progressive type music, it won’t be your thing. Kimura definitely comes on hard and strong, but they still have quite a way to go if they’re going to stand out from some of the other groove acts I’ve covered in the past. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step though, and it’s good to see that they’ve got firm footing on the single step that comprises this album. Although I’ll admit that I really enjoyed “Bloodfan.” Check it out at the link below.

(6 Tracks, 27:00)


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