Kingdom – Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground (2018)


Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground

Godz Of War Productions

Another short, but rather blistering release from Polish black/death metallers Kingdom, the guys decided to make a less streamlined offering that offers much more diversity than their previous output. Opener “Walls Of Askalon” might have pounded with classic death metal, though blackened sections begin to creep up in “Putrescent Remains” as it rolls into atmosphere. Then we have a rather dissonant, yet punchy instrumental right in the middle of all that. Vocals could have been featured, though they were not and I’m sure the band have a good reason for that.

Though the shortest cut on the album, “Black Light To The Rotten Womb” is by far the most punishing as it balances death metal, thrash and even some elements of grind in a fashion that just feels like a giant metal fist to the face. Fierce grooves embody the next piece, as it works towards a necessary slow-kill as well as an equally unexpected moment of silent dread before a noteworthy drum display that shines for just a few minutes. I have a feeling that the drummer here is far better than they’re letting on and hopefully he’ll be given a chance to really show his chops during the next one. I do love an album where the kit matters though, and on this one, that seems to be the case. “Karma Slayer” brings us back to death metal, as the drumming returns with a vengeance that I don’t quite remember being as potent on the first half of the album. Black metal and a bit more atmosphere is visited on closer “Blashyrkh” which finishes the album out purely with the drum aesthetics. Perhaps I didn’t quite pay attention to the drumming earlier on the record, but I can definitely discern it now and I have a feeling that you will too. Though just to be sure, you can check out the album over at the link below.

(8 Tracks, 30:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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