Kristina Rocco – The Tower (2013 NN Promo)

Kristina Rocco - The Tower

“…Kristina herself can certainly sing and has an acrobatic range that exhibits the nature of opera, as such with others of her style, but the fact that the rest of this band plays a style of music that is far removed from the majesty of other female fronted acts really makes them stand out. While “Antevorta” does still feature the elements of a melodic opera, it is also coupled with some unfriendly sound effects and vocal testimony that adds to the fear. “Una Vida Aislanda” sees much of the same atmosphere, yet things are both so dreary and beautiful that it comes off as quite uncommon. “Mala Gente 6:41” adds to the band’s atmospheric nature, bringing about something that as I’ve mentioned, is not pleasant, but has a certain sort of persephonic beauty to it. “A Crooked Limb” is the most depressing song on the album, though it’s a sure bet that the gist of this chilling disc can turn your smile upside down in a matter of minutes. I’m reminded musically of bands like Dead Can Dance or Unto Ashes, but the operatic nature of the vocals take it far beyond those darkwave/ethereal realms and into something much more fragile…”

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