Let Us Prey – Virtues Of The Vicious (2020)

A mixture of power metal, thrash and death, I’m definitely reminded of Mercenary and Halcyon Way with this one. To be fair, I really dig these kinds of bands and the nods to Sanctuary on the vocal end of things definitely caught my attention. The band’s frontman Marc Lopes delivers memorable hook after memorable hook and guitarists John Morency and Jesse Near light up the fucking sky with nearly every single song. You know I’m a sucker for guitar solos and this record delivers that in spades, let alone it’s intricate use of melodies.

Darin Moyen’s drumming pound my senses, the songs are ultimately well-structured and I’m honestly afraid that Let Us Prey will not get the attention it deserves due to all the goings-on in current year. If “Above The Vaulted Sky” doesn’t get your attention, then “Halo Crown” and “Ghost Echoes” surely will. The record also features a little bit of classical piano as well as a few bits of orchestral pomp as fontispieces for the metal assault that the listener is mostly being delivered.

Keep in mind that this record isn’t completely pummeling as “In Suffering” is a more generalized power metal cut, but then the band switches gears to knock your lights out with “Prey” and the Preacher inspired (and I took a listen just to make sure I wasn’t being deceived) “The Saint Of Killers.” Yep, Garth Ennis’s own S.O.K. finally got a song written for him after all these years (The Preacher books came out in the nineties) and it’s as killer as anything I would expect. Virtues Of The Vicious actually makes me regret being a reviewer because I would have jammed it at least ten or twenty more times had I not so much backed up material in the dungeon archives as it is.

I’m just going to say that if you love ferocious power/death as much as I do (and damn it, I’ll probably end up going through this record again anyway – there’s just so much ground to cover) then you are going to love this band. Again, I know there is a lot of crazy shit going on right now in our country, let alone the whole world – but don’t let that stop you from checking out this fucking awesome album. I really need to listen to this again, so I suggest giving it a listen as well.


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