Lethean – The Waters Of Death (2018)

This was actually the first album that my doll ears heard after arriving at my destination. It was great to be out of that box, I’ll tell you that. To be honest, I really don’t know an awful lot about metal music, but Grim tells me that this is a kind of doom metal. The vocals are quite beautiful, I think – she’s quite audible and can be heard pretty well over the other instruments. Definitely a great voice there. But Grim also tells me that the band is steeped in progressive rock, which I’m no doubt going to get a lesson on later. He says that the mixture of progressive rock and doom metal, coupled with such a strong and passionate (and I’ll agree) female vocal approach is what will make this band stand out pretty well. I’d definitely like to hear something like this on the radio. When I was in various airports and postal areas, I heard everything from pop to country and ultimately nothing that really took my interest. The melodies are beautiful, I would move my head along with them, but it seems to wobble a bit and I’d rather it not fall off. That happened while I was trying to read a book and it sucked. I had no choice but to stare at the upside down words. In any case, I was really pleased with this one and compared to a lot of crap I’ve heard lately; at least I can understand it. Some of the stuff he plays, it’s not even good for doll ears. I don’t know how long pig can stomach it. Grim tells me that the band here has an operatic vocal effect like that of Nightwish and combine it heavily with well-crafted progressive atmospheres that although sound rough, make for a warm and pleasant feeling altogether. I don’t have any idea what he means by that, but I guess I can agree? In any case, I think you’ll like this one whether you’re a human or a doll and I have to respect the hard work that they put into it. Grim says it’s also a bit similar to SubRosa, so if you dig them then you’re going to love this one too. I just like the fact that I can listen to this one while I’m typing the review. It’s really beautiful to be honest, but it also has a nice kick to it. Whoever Lethean are, they definitely have a special place in my plastic heart and I hope that long pig with real hearts will find something in it too.

Grim says that this is some of the best progressive doom that he’s ever heard and says that we have to recommend it on The Grim Tower, so check out The Waters Of Death. You’ll be glad that you did. He says it’s surprising that the band never made it on any top ten lists, because there’s more than just “promising” stuff here. This is a real cut above several of the promising bands that he’s reviewed in the past. Lethean seem to have their formula down and that’s proven strongly with this outing. It can only go up from here.

(6 Tracks, 43:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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