Logic Of Denial – Aftermath (2017)

Italian BDM act Logic Of Denial are back with their third full-length outing after releasing Atonement all of the way back in ’13. According to Metal Archives, these guys sound like Hideous Divinity, Hour Of Penance, Defeated Sanity and Septycal Gorge, which are all acts that I believe I’ve covered before. In any case, we have an immensely ravenous offering here where either a session drummer or the programmed drums have been recorded so loudly that they almost overpower the whole performance. Try as he might, there are times when Mattia Gatti (who actually used to play the drums in this act) is completely buried underneath the weight of what sounds like a frantically moving machine of metallic fury. The record sounds like a twenty ton sledgehammer coming through your roof, and is the equivalent of listening to a jackhammer with added guitar solos. Though this might be a detriment for some listeners, as it seems that the drums could suffer from being triggered and I know that there are metalheads out there with fierce opposition to that. My colleague reviled bands with triggered drumming, and a friend unfamiliar with the genre completely compared it to the sound of a lawnmower running over bricks. At least there are some hefty slam sections that bring a little spice to the performance, even though the record sees these gentlemen going at ninety miles a minute. I won’t say that there aren’t any moments where Marco’s guitar is audible, but it can be very difficult to discern him over all of the chaos that occurs on the frontlines. It could be said that these gentlemen sound like they’re in the middle of a battle, with drum frills that sound like the gunfire of automatic rifles being discharged at random. If nothing else, at least the more technical sections of the record actually manage to stand out as well as the solos, proving that there’s some merit here after all. In addition, there are two short atmosphere pieces on the disc to break up the momentum. They both feature odd guitar musings throughout and sound like a wasted opportunity in what could have been a mixture between brutal death metal and hypnotic atmosphere. While great music for back-breaking labor and a definite shot of adrenaline, I have to say that the performance (at least to me
) seems much longer than it should and doesn’t really feature and cuts that deviate from the norm. Aside from two tiny atmospheric breaks, we’re more or less getting 10,000 MPH brutal death metal with bits of technicality and solo efforts and that’s it. Maybe that’s what you want, but I guess I kind of wanted a little more here. I’d like to see these BDM bands going in acompletely different direction, one that doesn’t feel like it’s already been paved over well by familiar acts like Dying Fetus and Misery Index. Hell, we can even go back to Demolition Hammer. In any case, I would like to see more approaches from these newer acts that made the older guys stand out. Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later.

(12 Tracks, 43:00)




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