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Bodybuilding Girlfriend 2013

A friend of mine posted a status update regarding muscle fetish groups, and as you know I do certainly embrace this fetish, yet I also respect the hard work and dedication (not to mention the diet) that it takes to achieve these results. The problem is, there are many men out there who think, presumably; that one day some muscle-bound she hulk of a woman is going to come knocking on their door to propose marriage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. As with most things in life, a person has to work towards their goal. Now obviously this doesn’t include going to the gym to stalk a whole bunch of fbb’s who are just trying to get into shape for an upcoming competition (and you’re the last thing on their minds, by the way – if you even made it there – maybe on an annoyance level), but rather it includes adopting the lifestyle of physical fitness.

Think about it. If you so want this woman who works herself to the point of exhaustion in order to emulate the very picture of health; why in the world would she ever accept an individual who would rather be filling his gullet with McDonald’s or binging out on snack food, soda and dessert items? (Yeah, I know McDonald’s is cheap, but it sure as hell isn’t healthy. As a matter of fact, they use a ridiculous level of mayonnaise and god knows what else in their cheap food. Have you ever wondered why McDonald’s can even sell their food so cheap? Because you don’t want to know what’s in it, that’s why.) These things will only serve to tempt her away from her goal. People like things that taste good, and those things that taste good aren’t always healthy. So if you’ve got someone who’s always on a strict diet of protein and you place a cake or a pizza in front of them for long enough – well, willpower can only last so long. If your house is full of junk, you’d only be tempting her. How can you think about winning a competition if you’re still focused on the fact that your boyfriend is sitting at home eating pizza?

Now I’m not saying that the diet is always strict, believe me – off-season is when some of the ladies do get to indulge a bit; but after that it’s back to training and the diet.

Physical fitness isn’t just a diet though, as exercise is important. Yes, exercise. In laymen’s terms, that means to get off of one’s ass and move. In bodybuilding, that includes thunderous amounts of weight training – ie: lifting heavy weights for long periods of time and with a certain degree of form. Could you do it? Heck, I’m not even sure if I could and I’m just being honest. Especially since my back injury, but I at least would give it a try. I did manage to start using concrete blocks, (which are a bit dangerous to bench press) so at least there’s an effort. I’ve actually done quite a bit of physical exercise throughout my youth; so I’ve maintained a bit of a lean figure. Not quite my goal, but it keeps the fat off at any rate. I even woke up early enough to do the morning exercises on ESPN2 back when they still had them, yes that includes working out with Cory Everson.

But yes, I would certainly commit to that sort of lifestyle. But not because of an attraction, because I don’t believe that you should change anything about yourself for another person unless you believe that it’s something that you want to do; but because I felt that it was necessarily to start exercising and eating right so that I would be in better shape in my 50’s, then someone else who filled their body with junk and possibly even cigarette smoke.

So that’s one thing that you have to consider if you want to date one of these women. It’s really not that complicated, but you’ve got to make the effort. Again, there are some fbb’s out there who don’t necessarily want to be with a buff dude; but that’s rare, I’d think.

Let’s change things up a notch. Because this isn’t just for men looking for muscular women, it’s for men looking for any kind of woman. What I’ve learned is that first of all, a man who desires a certain kind of fetish and doesn’t accept what he’s been given is quite immature. Married people eventually grow older and wish that their husband or wife looked like a younger, more attractive person; but even if they did at one time; that beauty has faded with age. Personality is something more important, because sex usually doesn’t last long enough for anything else to matter – and even when it does; what do you do afterwards?:

You know. After sex?

Yeah, there’s an after. An after that doesn’t require any sort of physical intimacy, an after that regards dirty dishes and work and stress and life – are you really, really sure that you want to handle all that with a person who you just thought was attractive, or would you rather be with a person who is able to spice up your life? Not the bedroom, the house itself. When you feel like the ceiling is about to fall down, and the bills keep coming and there seems to be no sign of relief; don’t you want to be with a person who will assure you that things will get better? Or do you want to be with someone who doesn’t care, or isn’t really all that worried about you. After all, they were just a sexual attraction.

But it’s not fair, you say? Well, that seems to be the thing about life. Be thankful that you’ve got running water and electricity, and that you’re functioning normally. People aren’t thankful for these things. We always worry about what we haven’t got, rather than what we already have. This internet generation has got things all wrong. Sex isn’t the goal of a relationship, commitment is.

What? Did I say something wrong? Commitment. The act of committing, or giving a part of your life to another person. A part of yourself, in some cases. That’s usually why it hurts so much when we lose that other person, because we’ve lost a part of ourselves. Since we’re all one interconnected entity, when we find a piece of that entity to connect to, to help us discover who we are; losing it brings us into a realm of despair. How can one go on without the other that defined it? Yet we are all reunited as energy in the afterworlds, so in death there is that certainty.

But the “eyes” are the most important part of our world, aren’t they? They see different things, some which appear as mere glimmers; but others which appear as heavy flashes, flashes which boil the blood in our sexual cores. So some of us will keep on trying. That’s human nature. But here’s the problem. People don’t really go out these days and find what they want. Instead, they just put up the sign “I WANT THIS” and hope that someone will say “I’M THIS!” But it just doesn’t happen. Some people are just as reserved as you, and they won’t come out of hiding unless you meet them in person. Of course, we’re in the new era where people don’t even do that – go outside – so it’s even tougher to find that person you’re looking for. Singles Bar, Online Cafe? These help sometimes, but if you’re looking for something in particular; it’s a bit more difficult.

Remember that everyone is looking for something and not to judge a book by it’s cover. Never approaching someone who I thought was out of my league was a terrible decision for me at the time, and now with the passage of years I realize how utterly stupid it is to place people in leagues at all. This isn’t baseball, it’s life. If you love yourself first, you should have no problem finding someone to love you. Nobody wants to be around a person who constantly brings themselves down all the time. I don’t and neither should you. If you know how to talk to someone, then that’s all it takes. If you don’t know how to talk to someone, then learn how to talk to someone. Women aren’t so scary. They really aren’t, but they can be. It’s funny how that works.

So if you really want, I mean REALLY want a female bodybuilder as your girlfriend; the first thing that you would need to do is to find out if she’s single. This isn’t very hard with Facebook and other social sites. If the marital status says single, then you can try your luck. Just remember that she might not even be looking at all, so don’t go about bugging her and throwing a thousand messages of your undying love to her. That’s a bit creepy.

Next, you would need to make general conversation. What is she into? Are you into those things? Would you be interested in those things? Could you make the sacrifice to do some things that you normally wouldn’t for her? Experience is the spice of life after all! But yeah, this is a big part of it. And don’t pretend to like that shit either, because people can tell the difference. If she likes to lift weights and watch Star Trek, then you’d better not tell her that Yoda is your favorite character. Always use your real photo too. That’s a given. Don’t run wild on Google image search and use some muscle-bound gent, because then you’re a Catfish.

What’s that you say? This sounds like the same method you would use to talk to any woman? Well, that’s because it is. You see, people are people. It doesn’t matter who they are, or what they do. If they’re attracted to you, they’ll find you. If you’re attracted to them, you’ll find them. It’s just up to one of you to make that decision. After all, we’re made of the same energy and base matter; so what is it that makes one element of the energy different from another? The world is made of atoms and subatomic particles and when you get right down to it; there are little microscopic bugs crawling around, both on and in your body. None of us is any different from the rest. We’re all human. So instead of saying “I want an X girlfriend” you should say, I’m going to go out into the public area where this kind of person might be and mingle around. Maybe I will find X person.

It’s really that simple. There are several scenes out there, from the dancing scene, to the art scene, to the writing scene, the (insert music genre here) scene and even the bodybuilding scene. If you want to be with a person like that, you must surround yourself with other people like that and get to know them, learn about their lives and their interests, just like with anyone else. If you care about what they put their energy into, then they will open up a little more to you; and perhaps great things could happen. But that’s all up to you. After all, it’s your world… isn’t it?


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  1. AJ

    I want a girlfriend that’s muscular veiny mass muscles and has 8 pack abs and be’s my workout partner at gym


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