Lordi – Killection (2020)

I recently got my hands on the just released Lordi album, Killection and I must say – this is an interesting concept. The band consider this to be a compilation album and a what if of sorts, questioning what the band would’ve sounded like if they had been around since the seventies. They also took the painstaking process of making many of these tracks sound dated, which comes across as intriguing as you might expect. Folks, there’s disco on this album and I’m not even kidding. The end result is a record that is full of thrills and a band experimenting far out of their wheelhouse.

You may hear a lot of resemblances to acts like Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Rob Zombie and more. It’s really tough for me not to hear Rob Zombie in “Shake The Baby Silent” for example, so they took liberty in copying these famous styles and adapting them to their own sound and lyrical base. It’s an admirable effort, but I don’t think every band and their mother should attempt it now, as trends are wont to do. “Horror For Hire” has a strong Ozzy Osbourne influence, particularly in the leads. “Like A Bee To The Honey” reminds me strongly of eighties hair metal, particularly bands like Poison and Cinderella.

There are strong elements of Rush or Queensryche-esque sixties prog rock to be found in “Apollyon” and I find it musically quite tasteful. I didn’t know Lordi could sound like this, to be honest and I’m hoping that maybe some of these experiments will become mainstays on future albums. Potent guitar solos and strong proggy synths will not hurt them, especially when the band have been repaving the road for well over a decade now – some new influences would definitely keep their style fresh.

“Blow My Fuse” feels like a funk infused brand of garage rock, almost reminiscent of very early Aerosmith. You know, before the epic ballads and that sort of thing. I’m reminded of the days when Aerosmith would just go out there and jam. The synths are nice touch as well. The record builds some heaviness with “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You” which has a more upbeat nineties rock feel, with some added crunchiness. There’s a tinge of hair-metal synth there to be had as well, but that’s signature of the Lordi sound.

Of course, one of my favorite songs on this compilation would have to be the disco-rock track, “Zombimbo” because I’m still convinced that disco as a genre is extremely neglected and still has a lot of merit in today’s music scene. “Up To No Good” reminds me of Accept, particularly in that fiery chorus. It’s a regular “Balls To The Wall.” Maybe there’s a little bit of Alice Cooper to be had here as well. “Cutterfly” seems to continue the eighties hair metal sound, which they’re awfully fond of on this album. If I recall correctly, there are at least three cuts in this style, which says to me that Lordi really wanted to make a full-on eighties hair metal disc and haven’t really gotten the chance yet. I’m fine with that, just so long as it isn’t Cold Lake.

This sound changes completely with “Evil” which shows the band nearly pummeling the listener, particularly in the hefty bass and at times machine gun drumming acrobatics. I personally wouldn’t mind an entire album like this, as I think these guys need to really go out there and show fans of extreme metal how heavy they can actually be. The band’s previous was a great sampler, but we really do need that blisteringly heavy Lordi record. With “Evil” they’ve shown that they can definitely deliver this, but now I want to hear it – give us a real slobber knocker with the next one, guys. Let’s hear a Lordi disc that even gets the attention of the goddamned metal elitists.

The last one here is “Scream Demon” which I’m indifferent about. It’s a stable song, but it doesn’t really leave me feeling anything as it brings it back to the eighties hair metal stuff again. So that’s around four eighties hair metal cuts on this one.

Once again, Killection shows us that Lordi can get out of their wheelhouse once in a while and deliver some absolutely pounding tracks. Not necessarily with the Rob Zombie worship of “Shake The Baby Silent” but “Evil” which is a song I’m going to recommend to people who loathe this band. I’m still not sure which song is the new one, but part of me is hoping it’s “Evil.” My God, if that was the future of this band, I’d be drooling in anticipation for the new one. This is kinda your fault, fellas – you’ve showed the metal world that you’ve got it in you to make a pulverizer and now we want to hear it. They certainly can’t blame us for that.

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