Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

Machine Gun PreacherMachine Gun Preacher
R, 129 mins
Directed by Marc Forster

The quiet before the storm… You know with a title like Machine Gun Preacher I was expecting some preacher going on some kind of rampage with a machine gun in some kind of grindhouse film but this is nothing but another damn African movie. No one but the cameraman sees them making out on the side of the road? God found the bitch and told her to put her clothes back on. Trailer parks, bars, God, and Lynyrd Skynyrd… this is a white trash film. Dude what’s the point of having a drum set if you don’t use it? White people’s church isn’t that exciting, in fact, they sleep through those boring ass lectures.

Never hitchhike because those that pick you up are more likely to kill you then you are them. As much shaking the camera’s doing that trailer done been blown away by now. I mean hell, what do they nail these trailers down to? You said train and I’m thinking of turning this shit off. People in foreign countries play soccer not baseball. A rocket can turn a truck upside down and ammo make a truck move backwards? Sam loves the black kids more than his own daughter; the black kids get a playground and she can’t even get a limo. Sam kills Donnie because Donnie was getting close to his family. He sold his business for a truck? Now I heard of someone selling their house to pay off their wedding but what the fuck?



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