Magnum – Lost On The Road To Eternity (2018)


Lost On The Road To Eternity


Another old staple that keeps on kicking is the UK’s Magnum. Believe it or not, this is their twentieth album, and it is just as strong as anything they’ve done prior. As a matter of fact, number twenty is looking pretty good for these Brits! “Peaches and Cream” opens the disc on a catchy number and it continues the catchiness right into what is sure to be a crowd favorite in “Show Me Your Hands.” Now at first, I felt the track was a little corny, but its a great sing-along and that sells singles and records quite easily. I thought “Storm Baby” was going to be a ballad, which would have been perfectly fine – but it actually kicked up steam into something with a harder rock vibe. I will say that despite the obvious AOR and keyboard synths pervading throughout the disc, it seems to have a more rocking atmosphere throughout and almost encroaches upon traditional heavy metal in some instances. In fact, even Avantasia/Edguy frontman Tobias Sammet joins in on the disc’s title track, for a definite dose of heavy metal royalty. That being said, Lost On The Road To Eternity is absolutely not a pummeler, a thrasher a pounder or any other sort of term you would use to describe a heavy disc. Though what we’re getting here is a synth-heavy eighties rocker with some real heft, a true sense of purpose and an overall continuation of the work that the band have been efficient at for decades. Magnum are still at it after all this time, which is remarkable in hindsight alone.

That being said, many might look at this review and say, “Who are Magnum?” and this record would be a wonderful place in which to discover the answer to that question and to work their way backwards through their massive discography. I haven’t heard every disc from these guys, but everything I have heard as of late seems to suit my palette. Not surprisingly, Lost On The Road To Eternity seems to be no different. I’m already looking forward to your twenty-first disc, gentlemen. The wheels are on fire and there’s no need to slow down.

(11 Tracks, 67:00)


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