Majesty Of Revival – Iron Gods

Majesty Of Revival - Iron Gods

Majesty Of Revival – Iron Gods (PR2014) –This seven piece neo-classical power metal act have a lot to live up to. You’ve got seven guys in your band, so you’d better be capable of fucking miracles. I wasn’t expecting top-notch production either, so what I’m offered is definitely enough for me. Immediately, I’m hit with a flurry of neo-classical guitar solos, spooky synths and keyboard solos. And that’s just the first song, “Nameless Guest 6:05.” Though the band has a frontman, they seem to do best when he’s not in the picture as I’m just getting these unforgettable atmospheres. There’s also a growler in the band, which I find as more of an intrigue than anything else. For the most part, you’ll deal with the high-range vocals of the band’s frontman and some backing vocals (probably by about five of the six guys in this band) and I think that captures the first song. To be honest, that track was pretty fucking sweet. I’m quite impressed and first impressions last a long time. Next we’ve got “Internal Grays 6:11″ which I’m expecting to have the same sort of vibe. As far as the riffs and drumming goes, I’m really leering my eyes toward Symphony X. Especially those riffs. You can clearly tell that these guys are influenced by Symphony X, especially on this song. Yet again, I can hear some Brainstorm in those riffs. Half of this one is also instrumental, which I like because it allows the band to really show “hey, we’ve got seven dudes in this band, and each of them are actually doing something” which you’ll certainly hear on this album. If they can manage to keep all seven members of the band together for the next one, I’m sure that it’ll be even stronger than this; which is most certainly a strong album.

There’s really no need to roll through each and every track on this album as they all contain much of the same thing: Symphony X/Brainstorm power/thrash with definite nods to classical music, including gothic synths and extravagant guitar and keyboard solos. This band is so amazingly talented at these thick and lengthy keyboard/guitar solos that it’s unreal. Most of Iron Gods is composed of just these instrumental portions, but they help the band to really differentiate themselves. It’s almost like they’re trying to be the neo-classical equivalent of Dragonforce, with over-the-top instrumental portions that seem to go on for hours. I’m certainly impressed by the work that they’ve done here, yet I know that future releases will bring a further strength and possible sense of song differentiation which comes with time. These guys can make one really great fucking song, yet they seem to want to copy that song several more times; not completely worried about tempos or structure as they just play the living hell out of their instruments. It really is a joy to listen to, depending on what you’re into of course; but I’ve no doubt that I would love to see these guys pull this off in a live setting. Which further begs the question… can they really do it live? We all know that Dragonforce can’t, but perhaps Majesty Of Revival can. And that would be a show that I would be willing to see.

A bonus song is included on the disc, entitled “Mad Song 4:13″ and it manages to add electronic elements into the mix as well. While nothing truly special, it’s not bad to have on there at the end of the album. If you like your power metal full of thrash and gothic keyboards, as well as literally overflowing with so many instrumental pieces that it’s willing to spill out from the pot; then definitely get your hands on Iron Gods. You’ll be thanking me for this one.

(10 Tracks, 68:00)



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