Mantar – The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze (2018)


The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze

Nuclear Blast

Mantar play an erratic version of metal, which I’d consider to straddle the lines between hardcore, post-metal, black metal and even art house rock, even though it is difficult to even use the black metal terminology as I’ve yet to hear a tremolo section and to be honest; the horrendous scowl inhibited by the frontman probably doesn’t classify either. So in all actuality, let me take “black metal” back. What I’m hearing mainly from these Germans is a groove-laden brand of post-metal with a ferocious vocal bite that can be felt throughout your body, an effort I greatly praise. These are the kinds of blood-curdling scowls that I’d consider a prime factor in the recording, melding greatly with the thunderous post-doom bellows in the background. One thing that Mantar attempts here is a willingness to evolve the post-metal genre in terms of heavy song structure, in which some experimental approaches are tried. In some ways, even my black metal classification could be applied; though not in quite as many as the band would like. If you’re expecting some kind of weird art house black metal from this, you’re probably not going to be very happy with it as this is definitely a more doom, blues and post affair – it’s even quite jazzy.

That being said, The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze is not a black metal disc and would feature more along the lines of Remission era Mastodon, which I love personally; so I found merit to this. If you miss Remission era Mastodon, than you might find something to like here. It’s not incredible and can get a little bit monotonous, but if you’re in the mood to hit something; this could do the trick. I’m quite sure that this album would be great for exercise music, and it’ll definitely be a move up from the normal Five Finger Death Punch Bro-core music that a lot of your local Tapout guys are listening to in the gym right now. All things considered, it isn’t too dissimilar. And to be honest, that’s not a bad thing.

The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze is a step in the right direction for these guys, but we can’t even dare consider it black metal until I’ve heard a tremolo riff. So if this is the direction that they’re going in (and I’d doubt it, judging from the whole of this record) than they’d better accidentally throw a few in along this post-metally path. Check it out at the link below, but don’t get out your corpse paint makeup set just yet.

(12 Tracks, 49:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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