Martyria – Self-Titled (2018)



Malignant Records

If you’re in the mood for a strong ritualistic atmosphere, then this self-titled debut from Greek performers Martyria is the way to go. This album is quite different from many others that I usually receive from Malignant, as it is not actually an industrial or noise record, reminding me more of something like Dead Can Dance, Qntal and various others that utilize this kind of ceremonial practice into their music. The disc features five tracks, which all seem to flow into each other in order to form a cohesive structure. Digeridoo soon comes into the mix with “Logos” while the only real glimmer of noise/industrial featured on the album takes place in “Nekros.” The background chanting adds a nice effect to what feels like a swirling fog. “Nyx” slightly continues that feeling, though the synths soon find themselves accompanied by tribal drumming, which seems to finish out the piece. The last one we have here is “Eschaton” which again melds windy synths with chant, finishing up the performance in much the same way that it began. Far removed from the vehement and angry structures of acts like The Vomit Arsonist, Martyria offer a much more calming, meditative and deeply ethereal state that I feel is not only uplifting, but also mysterious and magical; as it were. I would definitely recommend this one to fans of the not so abrasive approach offered by metal and traditional industrial – this is the kind of record that certainly causes a state of trance, though blissful I really cannot say.

(5 Tracks, 40:00)


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