Meet Storme Cady, The Sex Worker Who Gives Back… To Metal!

Sex work is obviously nothing new for the modern age. Loads of women (and men) are taking part in it, from anywhere to escort services to being adult performers that could appear in films on Pornhub and many other pornographic pages and websites. Take for example. Their website is filled with plenty of helpful resources for people in need of adult content. It’s nothing new and people from every walk of life are getting into it somehow. Aside from this work, I even have an adult page with several fans. Though that’s not the point of this particular piece and I’ll address that in a future topic.

Today, I want to bring your attention to Storme Cady. She has been able to make a living as a sex worker, through various means of social media and communicating with her fans and bands. Yes, I said bands. As in, Storme Cady is one of the rare situations in which a sex worker has chosen to give back to the metal scene by not only allowing bands to promote on her page, but also by purchasing their records, singles and even donating when necessary. Even if she’s completely unfamiliar with the act. You see, Storme believes that by supporting bands all over the world, she will keep the metal scene strong.

In my experience, this has definitely been the case. Metal is definitely in one of its most controversial stages since the Tipper Gore era with politics becoming a bigger focal point than the music itself. This is why several acts and even journalists like myself are taking a leave from this industry for the time being. As FlightOfIcarus has commented several times, bands are glorified T-Shirt salesmen, due to the fact that numerous listeners simply stream the music from YouTube, Spotify or other sources that pay the artists nothing or next to it. One might see this as a sign of the times, but what Storme is doing is most definitely putting the money back into the hands of the musicians that need it most – the up and comers. In fact, she mentioned that there are several up and coming acts worth checking out on her page, which I will provide a link for at the end of this article.

No matter how you feel about the act of women selling their bodies, it is obvious (judging from calls to decriminalize prostitution by members of congress, which would hopefully end sex trafficking and other abusive practices for good) that this very ancient and frighteningly necessary occupation (need I remind you all the work I’ve done regarding both incel and femcel behaviors) is not going to be simply buried underneath a cruel and judgemental system of religious standards and practices (which even forbade the act of masturbation) as it finally spreads its wings into what I think is definitely helping with human sexual health and wellness, which studies have shown drastically affect human mental health and wellness. Obviously, touch is very important to that equation, and this is where the true benefits of decriminalized prostitution and other forms of sex work will be most beneficial to humanity as a whole. Studies have shown that loneliness does indeed kill, so we all could benefit from a little more intimacy in our lives. Moreover, I am sure that this is a stance that the Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies and the wide variety of other escorts and sex workers all over the world would agree with. At the end of the day, Storme is a sex worker who actually gives back to the music that she loves and we can all learn a little something from that.

Storme Cady can be reached at the following:

Twitter (Stormed Gates)

Instagram (Sleipnirdreaming)

Facebook (Storme Cady)


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