Meeting Evil (2012)

Meeting EvilMeeting Evil
R, 89 mins
Directed by Chris Fisher

Everyone’s packing up and moving away. Joanie surprises John and didn’t expect John to drop his drink and shatter glass all over the floor. No wonder they can’t sell the house; you see the backyard? Richie knocks on John’s doors to ask for a push and tries to kill John… but no in front of the girl with her dog. You need ID to buy gas? How does Richie know John’s name? Can Samuel L. Jackson just please go ahead and kill Luke Wilson already? It’s not like Luke’s going to be missed in Hollywood.

John doesn’t notice the bat Richie is holding? John just got chased out of a store with it. Everywhere John and Richie go there’s a string of deaths they leave behind. Police interrogates Joanie because they believe John killed all those people. Why does Joanie cover her son’s ears but not her daughter’s while threatening the cop? Cop asks the same question. There’s police brutality in this film. Diner gives Richie his food really quick. Does that girl and her dog stay outside? Damn at the bowls of mac ‘n’ cheese.



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