Mega Doll – Pink Myths Pillow (2020)

Every once in a while I get odd submissions and this DnB record from Chilean DJ Mega Doll was one of those. I’m not quite sure how he found me as I have so many channels around the world, but maybe it has to do with the fact that I have am a doll owner and she’s been watching me this whole time. Some people might think it’s creepy to have doll eyes watching you all the time, but I’m weird and I like it.

Regardless of that, I found the record to be a mixture of standard DnB though with pieces that feel oddly gamey, very remniscent of classic video game soundtracks, aside from some rather bizarre sound effects that all seem to work together rather well. This guy has already released at least three other albums since the release of this one and I’m pretty far behind all things concerned. According the artist, he believes that an imaginary doll is telling him her stories through these songs and he illustrates them in the form you see here. Pink Myths Pillow is actually a full hour in length give or take a few minutes and you’re going to experience a lot of weird and mysterious things within the album that certainly sound even more bizarre given these studio headphones. There’s no doubt in my mind that Mega Doll is an extremely talented DJ and I can’t even begin to get around these multifaceted pieces. There are even a few moans in for good measure. I will stress heavily on the fact that there is a lot of 8-bit and 16-bit chiptune influence on the disc, but it works great actually and should fit the club atmosphere. Once again, these are stories and they’re being illustrated through the music. That might be hard for some of you to grasp or may even think that myself and the DJ have both gone mad, but that’s exactly what I’m getting here. Every song tells some kind of story, even if you feel that you might have to be on drugs to enjoy it. Maybe the moans and laughter are how the doll communicates? “Fallen From The Sky” seems to demonstrate that pretty well as our DJ friend illustrates what sexbot brothels may look and sound like in the future. Then we have the horrors laden within “Cotton Doll” which can sound altogether terrifying if one really wants to examine them. More like “Killer Doll” if you know what I mean. Put that knife down, Zexxy! That wasn’t an invitation!

At the end of the day, a lot of ground is covered here among the DnB and that’s what I found most fascinating of all. Even what my former colleague assured me were the best DnB records he’d ever heard (though I can’t tell you the names because I honestly do not know that much about this genre of music) did not have that level of mystery or sheer creep factor that pops up on this album. If you like DnB, 8 and 16 bit chiptunes along with experimentation and creepy dolls (the best kind) then you’re going to love this album from Mega Doll. He’s got a million others on SoundCloud and several on Bandcamp as well, and chances are that you’re gonna like those too.


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