Metal Journalists v. Nostalgia Trolls


It has become something of a trend lately for online Metal publications to blame their lack of reporting on new and interesting bands on their readership. While their certainly has been a shift by websites like Metal Sucks, Metal Hammer, and Blabbermouth away from covering up and comers and semi-underground acts toward covering aging Thrash bands and the “cock rock” nostalgia circuit, that coverage shift can not, and should not be blamed on the readers. The reader commenters that obsess over these old bands were attracted by your coverage of them. I remember well when these shifts began. The readers routinely complained about the pervasive coverage of these leather and lipstick relics, but the complaints fell on deaf ears. The coverage continued on, and the readership shifted away from metal die hards and toward the “stuck in the 80s” and “stuck in the 90s” crowds. These nostalgia trolls did not create the situation where you are forced to report on so many old bands, they are a result of you piling on the vintage coverage. However, the thing to remember is that you are not forced to cover so many old bands. You are free to shift your coverage toward focusing on newer acts at any time. The problem isn’t the militancy of the oh so dreaded trolls. No, the problem is that you, the staff at these magazines, are lazy. I’ll use Metal Hammer as an example here. Consider this your penance for staging that idiotic Golden Gods crap (the only awards ceremony more clueless about Metal than the Grammys). A recent piece published on Metal Hammer’s website once again decried overly conservative Metal fans forcing the poor staff to cover so many nostalgia acts. When one reader rather astutely pointed out that the fault lies with the magazine and not the readers, they were quick to point out that they do cover new and underground acts. In a small back page feature and on a separate Facebook page that no one reads. You can not expect people to embrace new bands when you treat their music as second rate like this. You’re just selling the underground to the underground, and I’ve got news for you. Those of us that pay attention to off the radar Metal acts, well, we’ve already bought, so you’re essentially selling no one on these acts. If you truly do want to cover new and interesting bands, you should do it on your main website. Being as I’m speaking strictly as a Metal fan right now, and not as a writer for The Grim Tower, I’ll give you a few suggestions as to how you could make room for some of these acts. First, you could dump the coverage (at least some of it) of some of these “mainstream” bands that no one seems to really give a damn about. Seriously, do you care about what colour Frankie Palmeri’s bowel movements were this week? Does anyone? Is there even such a thing as an Emmure fan? No? Then it is time to move on. Next, you could just maybe look at axing the unhinged spewing of verbal diarrhea from the likes of Corey Taylor and Randy “I R smart for a hillbilly” Blythe. Their inane blabber has nothing to do with music, and dropping coverage of it would free up the writers and editors that are forced to parse, edit, and type up this crap to cover different bands. I, for one, along with many other Metal fans would welcome these changes. Otherwise, enjoy pandering to the Gen X nostalgia crowd.


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