Mgla – Age Of Excuse (2019)

There was a lot of praise this year for Mgla’s Age Of Excuse, but I wasn’t feeling it for some reason. Again, there has been a lot of black metal passing by my ears over the past few months and I guess this one just didn’t gel with me. I loved Mgla’s debut album, but everything after that has just been kind of mediocre in my opinion. There’s obviously a lot of melody backing this mixture of Immortal and Emperor, but it isn’t anything I’ve heard before. Maybe a little bit of Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, but I’m seriously not understanding what you folks are finding here. I feel like I can look at your record collection and point out albums that sound exactly like this, which you probably haven’t listened to in a while. I get the “more of the same” that people want and I’m guilty of that too, people love to hear more of a sound that they are very familiar with and enjoyed in their younger days, but I’m just not nostalgic for this. There are much better black metal acts in Poland right now and I’ve covered them. And Poland gets plenty of my money as it is, because I’m constantly buying from GOG.

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