I stopped playing music years ago, so I haven’t really kept up much with the goings on in the local area. However, I was sent the link to this single a few days ago. DREGH is a one man instrumental progressive metal project from Jackson, Mississippi. The brainchild of Ian Ferguson (who, in the interest of full disclosure, I used to be in a technical death metal band with some years ago), “Carrion Machine” is his first release under this name. It is a layered and technically dense track that plays sort of like a combination of Spastic Ink and the Dillinger Escape Plan with a few moments of airy, almost alt metal inspired melodicism that help break up the chaos. The playing is tight and clean, though not clinical. It also sounds like it was recorded with an actual amplifier as well, which is a welcome change in today’s world of sterile, modeled and reamped Kemper and Axe FX tones. Given the genre that this falls into, it is clearly not for everyone, but if you have an inclination toward instrumental technical metal that is a little on the chaotic side, give it a listen.

Check it out here

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