Monolith Cult – Gospel Of Despair (2017)


Gospel Of Despair

Transcending Records

Not to be confused with the dutch experimental group, The Monolith Deathcult; the UK’s Monolith Cult are a much different and more traditional act. According to Metal Archives, they sound most like the US act, Goatsnake which is classified as stoner doom, even though I am certainly not hearing that here. Deep, low tones make up the majority of the album along with soaring vocal melodies (from a frontman who really sings his ass off) that come right out of the pages of Candlemass, Cathedral and even Black Sabbath. Monolith Cult however, seem to be able to meld modern groove metal sensibilities in with potent guitar melodies that truly shine throughout the album. It comes with a slight bit of prog here and there in order to keep things fresh, but often sounds like a weird mix between doom and a slightly slower type of power metal. That’s no issue for me, but there isn’t a great deal of dread to be found here and you’ll need to look elsewhere for something a bit more morose. That isn’t to say that Gospel Of Despair isn’t sorrowful at all (check out “Kings Of All That’s Lost”) nor that it lacks the endless swathes of bass muscle that we’d expect from the genre – it is still a doom album after all, and a rather catchy one at that. The reviewer at Metal Archives gave it a 77% but I didn’t really seem to have any real issues with it for a score that low. While I didn’t think the effort perfect, I did enjoy my listen very much and I think that fans of doom, prog and power metal might end up finding something that they can all agree upon. For me, Gospel Of Despair brings out the right amount of groove with the right amount of energy… and the right amount of doom too. Certainly an act to watch!

(7 Tracks, 43:00)


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