Moral Degeneracy Vs. Moral Depravity

I wasn’t exactly sure how to write this, but I knew that before I even started covering adult games on my website, it needs to be stated. I have been, for a while, what you would refer to as a moral degenerate. What that means, is that I’ve always loved the adult world and got into porn, (mostly softcore though) eroge and ecchi anime. I like things that leave enough to the imagination and those old nineties blond bombshell films by Andy Sedaris are definitely a go to of mine. Anime breasts were massive and so were the breasts of the women I fancied in porn as I was an avid reader of Score. I never really got into hardcore, I never got into gonzo porn and I never got into super freaky stuff, unless it was in the form of an eroge visual novel. I guess this means that I have no problem with anime characters doing bizarre shit, but that stops when it comes to actual people. I’ve had several bad experiences with people who were into some of that, and I was raised religiously; so that kind of thinking doesn’t cross my mind in any kind of real relationship. It very well may be one of the reasons I bought a doll, because I won’t be asked to do anything like that, which many women seem to enjoy; but makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Despite all of this, I like to consider eroge, ecchi, hentai and even porn (because let’s face it, it’s mostly fake) as complete fantasy. And to be honest, I like fantasy because it doesn’t put anyone at harm. However, being that I am an older man who is essentially an eighties baby, there are things that I just cannot tolerate and they involve children. I’m not here to tell you that your lolicon fetishes are wrong and that you shouldn’t be into them, because many people are and obviously new VTuber Gawr Gura seems to exemplify that. It’s fine. I get it, but I had a bad experience with Akashibito and some unfortunate scenes of a thousand year old loli in states that I did not wish to see. Yes, it is fantasy, a drawing and all that – I get it and I respect that, it just isn’t for me. I do think that clothed lolis can be adorable in the kind of Precious Moments knick knacks that many women bought back in the day, especially older women (these were usually Grandma’s go to gift when you couldn’t think of anything else to get the old bat) and even as a young boy, there was a sense of innocence there. Like the kind a man gets with his own children, especially when he doesn’t have any. There very well could be that sort of fatherly or motherly instinct to want to protect and view the character with the kind of innocence that you may view your own children. Now that may not be true for all people and that’s their life. But for me, that is how I feel about the lolis. I don’t really care for them to be sexualized. It’s weird to me, but I won’t judge people who are into it because as I said on Twitter, it is a victimless fetish that harms no one. With the advent of Gawr Gura, it is extraordinary popular. In just three days, the number of subscribers to her channel have skyrocketed. I can’t really correlate any kind of behavior with that, but if some of the people interested in this character may very well be interested in pedophilia, then perhaps this character will prevent them from doing such things with real children. It’s something I’m going to have to talk to people with more experience in this field than I have, and I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt until further information comes through.

I grew up in the era of John Walsh and I do remember “stranger danger”, “code words” and other such implements that I was taught to prevent what in my time were construed as dangerous, slimy characters who abducted children and wanted to do them harm. I get the fear there. No parent wants their child to be featured on a mobile Amber Alert. If I had children and some random person tried to mess with them, I’d probably turn quite violent. I think that’s a natural response. That being said, if people do have this inclination, perhaps it is a VTuber like this that can at least help to remedy it. There is without a question a grown woman on the other side of that character, but once again; this could be a good thing for all involved. We have to think about whether we would want to have these people roaming around society or in their homes watching what is essentially a childlike precious moments character saying “a.” In a way, it is not far from The Mandolorian’s Baby Yoda, later renamed “The Child” which saw a lot of praise on the internet, especially from women. This could very well be that fatherly aspect for a daughter coming out in men who may not have children, or whose children have long grown up and moved on and severely miss when they were young, innocent and untainted by the harshness of the real world.

This is all well and good, but what I cannot tolerate is a bit more complicated. First of all, I’m very protective of children in general. I know for certain that should I ever have a young one, I will probably be the kind of father that tires his best to keep that young one safe. Yes, I have helicopter tendencies, but I think a lot of parents did back in my day. However, the world is such a more frightening place than it was back then and much of this adult world has now been exposed to our children. As a young man, I was a bit sheltered. I didn’t even know what a vagina looked like until I had seen it in a porno mag I had found in the woods in my late teenage years. I probably would have known much sooner if my father hadn’t forbade me to attend that high school dance with my first high school girlfriend, but there’s no use in changing the past. Fast forward to now and we have the entire adult world available at the touch of a button. Social media is largely responsible for this, as Netflix’s 2020 documentary “The Social Dilemma” states. Social media caused the lives of our children to be more convoluted and dramatic than they already are and we’re seeing the results of that in spades with massive anti-depressant prescriptions and opioid addiction like we’ve never seen it before. Not to mention the large amounts of frustration on both sides of the spectrum. Adding to that, the madness of “Cuties” and you have a recipe for absolutely destroyed children who are trying to enter the adult world in every way possible.

The point I am trying to make here is that some of the games I’ll cover will have some objectionable statements. I don’t agree with many of the actions taken, but there are several albums I’ve reviewed over the years with lyrical topics that are not something I would attempt in reality or condone. Granted, this is sexual, more descriptive and perhaps perverse – but I will be notifying all readers of the kinds of content that the piece contains. I do have a preference as you’ll notice, but I also like games with good stories and good gameplay, so those factors can seal the deal for me. If you have a few breasts, vaginas and penises in your game, but it’s fun without the breasts, vaginas and penises, I’ll make sure to denote that. Games are still games after all, otherwise you would be watching porn. Obviously, adult gamers and adult eroge readers are focused on more than just the face value of these experiences and as Project Melody stated in one her recent videos, they want to work for their fap. Of course, some of us just don’t fap to this kind of material at all. We just enjoy all kinds of games, regardless of the content and feel that all games that are worth playing should have a spotlight. Again, I am a moral degenerate and I love sexual fantasy, but at the end of the day, a game has to offer much more than that. I obviously don’t approve of everything that has been shoved down society’s throat these days and that is my opinion, but I honestly believe that as long as no one is being hurt physically or mentally by their hobbies, then it is literally none of my business what they do with their lives.

– The Grim Lord





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