Morguenstern – Sepulchral Burden

Morguenstern - Sepulchral Burden

Morguenstern are an interesting Russian gothic metal band who incorporate electronic elements and gothic keyboards into their sound. It’s much different from bands that you’d normally hear from the area and I can certainly say that they’ve got some definite international promise. The lyrics are of course in Russian, but that shouldn’t delay your enjoyment of what I found to be an act that displays some incredible keyboard work. Fans of Type O Negative will understand what I’m talking about with these creepy keys and it doesn’t matter whether the band throws a million djent riffs in or not. Because they do utilize djent riffs on the disc quite a bit. Surprisingly, the songs are quite short even though they offer a dual vocal approach of clean female vocal and harsh male vocal, as you’d expect from a goth metal band. But none of the goth metal bands that I’ve heard have used keyboards as well as they are here.

I really hate to tell you to grab an album just for the keyboards, but the band really doesn’t deliver anything memorable as far as structure is concerned. As I mentioned, the songs are quite short and it tends to take after Karmacode era Lacuna Coil. Yes, there are times when the male and female vocals are both clean and duet together on these tracks, making some great harmonies and showing that there are some memorable Russian vocalists out there. Also, they do manage to throw in a few guitar solos here and there, so it doesn’t show an incompetent band; just one that needs a little more meat. You’ve got to give Morguenstern credit though, as they’ve definitely got something here and I’d like to hear more from them in the future as they further develop their style. If they play their cards right, I think that they’ll gain some international appeal as well. If you’re into electronically enhanced down-tuned/djent riffs with loads of creepy keyboards, memorable vocal work and some solo pieces, then definitely give these guys a shot. I think Lacuna Coil fans will flock to what they’re offering, especially if you liked the days of the band when Marcus still used a death metal styled grunt. The male vocalist here actually does that much better on this album, so there’s a plus. Morguenstern are nothing, if not promising. I think it’s worth a highlight. There’s effort here and I’d like it known.

(13Tracks, 50:00)



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