Morvigor – Tyrant (2017)




I’ve listened to the sophomore from these progressive black/deathers twice already and I can say that it is indeed, quite refreshing. Though not too out of caliber for this kind of music, the band offer more than common-fare black metal, the piano compositions providing a wonderful added touch to the recording. It’s truly blunt to say that the album offers black metal with touches of prog here and there, which keeps many of the songs from flowing in one ear and out the other. In an era where black metal can become rather boring and uninspired, it is good to see a band that has absolutely nothing to do with the frozen north (they’re Dutch) manage to exemplify the genre in such a way that I feel is a necessity. No, Morvigor aren’t doing anything that you haven’t already heard before, but Tyrant is the kind of record that you’ll want to have in your collection among similar albums that you’ve enjoyed in that same style of black metal. If we can even really call it that, because sections of the disc certainly deviate from the norm – yet, I appreciate and welcome those deviations. Again, this is something we need a little bit more of, rather than bands who simply feel that blasts and the same sets of folk inspired tremolos with no real passion behind them (misanthropy for the fucking sake of misanthropy) are rule of law, raw and kvlt. Morvigor might not even classify as kvlt, but they make for a fine listen and manage to channel the spirit of black metal through a less formulaic manner that I found rather pleasant. Again, it’s not anything that we haven’t already heard before, but it’s still worth checking out.

(8 Tracks, 47:00)


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