Mountaineer – Bloodletting (2020)

Hey now, here’s something that might actually have the potential to make waves in the post metal genre. Taking cues from bands like Neurosis, Isis, Cult Of Luna, Mastodon and Baroness we have a real heavy hitter here in Mountaineer. Even though the band are capable of some hefty noise as detailed in
“Shot Through With Sunlight” they’re not exactly committed to ripping your face off with their mountainous bass riffs. Instead, the band would rather focus on a more accessible approach, as the almost radio friendly “The Weeds I Have Tended” seems to showcase more than quite well, it’s practically a sing-along. We’ve also got “To Those We’ve Said Goodbye” which I would consider an unexpected low note, but perhaps timely with the recent covid crisis and the mass amounts of people that have been lost during the pandemic. The title track also takes a melancholy feel as it works towards again, radio-friendly fare. It’s honestly not far from alternative rock, albeit with a much heavier back-end. I can’t say that I mind it either.

“South To Infinity” assaults our ears just before it gives us some time in which to dream and ponder the universe. That’s certainly not a bad thing. Mountaineer put a bit more thought into this approach than one might expect either, because Bloodletting just doesn’t sound like your typical post metal album. I wouldn’t be hard-pressed to say that indie rock and even modern pop rock influences have found their way into this mix. The opening of “Apart” certainly states that quite well, feeling once again more like a radio rock hit with a slightly heavier backing. That doesn’t mean that the track isn’t worth checking out though, unless you really don’t like alternative or grunge rock music. Well, hey – it’s better than getting the same thing all the time. Right? “Ghost Story” also seems to do the same thing, making me think more of hard rock than post-metal. Even so, I have not heard these two genres mixed together as they’ve been here. The frontman definitely has a voice for mainstream rock radio and that might just be the thing that Metal Hammer is looking for right now. Mountaineer are familiar, yet different and that could equal out to major successes for them. Time will tell.




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