Movie Review: Venom (2018)

Tom Hardy portrayed Venom very well, but it was obvious that the film was a bit rushed in more than a few areas. I believed in the connection between Hardy and his hungry symbiote friend, but there was a bit of confusion regarding the villain’s plot. Particularly due to to the fact that we’re only aware of it towards the very end of the film as the final battle seems a bit forced. I did like the fact that Eddie seemed to be rooming with a metal guitarist though, and I’ll give it points for that.

Venom is a film where a man loses everything in the beginning, but gains an awesomely life-altering power in return. Please keep in mind that you’re ultimately sitting down to an action-packed dark comedy, though Woody Harrelson may give us the grit that many were expecting when he reprises the role of Carnage in the sequel. I daresay that Harrelson’s performance could be on par with Heath Ledger’s in The Dark Knight, judging from that post-credits scene alone.





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