Murder Love God – The Negative EP (2017)

Lockjaw frontman Medavon’s solo project have released a new EP that should sit very well with fans of modern Marilyn Manson. Although there are some notable differences which make it stand out quite a bit from the popular goth/industrial icon. There’s a current of blues running through the album as you’ll hear in sections of “Bipolar.” It almost has a depressive nature and seems to express that emotion pretty well. There’s a slight bit of light-heartedness to be found just before the surf-rock and blues sections become muted and die down completely. “Can’t Look Away” sounds like gothic blues rock and reminds me a great deal of The Pale Emperor even though there’s a slight upbeatness that I wouldn’t have expected. I’m also reminded just a little of some of the approaches I’ve heard from Ancient VVisdom, when they experimented with a little bit of gothic blues. Medavon also claims that trip hop is a major influence on this project, especially Tricky who was famous for about two albums and then went into the underground to continue this interesting style of music today. Hip hop music might be popular in the US today, but unfortunately most people don’t know much about trip hop music. It’s unfortunate.

The third cut here, “Firewalker” is a little bit heavier and features and almost whispered vocal approach from Medvaon. It has a bit of an atmospheric tough to it, with the electronic sections melding rather nice with the guitars and drum taps. It doesn’t thump, but it adds an added warmth where you wouldn’t expect it. I wasn’t really expecting this disc to feature a heavy track, but it’s still a bit much to say that “Firewalker” is a heavy number. As with much of the album, we get a smidgen of blues here too. In any case, it’s my favorite track on the disc. Another cut called “Cannibal” begins right after, with a continued warmth from the guitar. It comes off rather catchy, much in the hell rock style that Lockjaw is famous for. The trip hop influences are also still apparent, sounding just a bit goth – but maybe even a little like Dope in some sections. The final cut here is “The Devil’s Favorite” which ends the disc on a relatively strong note.

In the end, Murder Love God made a solid EP release and I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen. The record successfully combines Lockjaw’s familiar hell rock approach with a bit of electronic trip hop and even some blues and goth elements, which give it a sound and style that is all it’s own.

(5 Tracks, 22:00)



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