Nag Hammadi – The Secret Book Of James (Brief Commentary)

Been reading the Nag Hammadi scriptures and blew first the first book, “The Secret Book Of James.” Jesus seems as usual in this book, but it’s quite odd since in it, he’s like “I’ve already done what I was supposed to do, yet I’m still here in this cave 18 months later.” Yes, the book apparently takes place 558 days after the resurrection in all honesty; and he seems a little upset that they still want him to teach. He tells them, “weren’t all of my sermons enough for you?” But I also like the odd bit where he tells the other 12 disciples that they heard, but didn’t listen. There’s also this odd thing where Jesus says that one is supposed to be like those who have not yet been born, so that they can also be with those who are not born. He says, “woe to those who have been born” likening the world to hell.

The next book is “The Gospel Of Truth” which is more or less some guy’s commentary on Christ’s life. If I wanted to read a review of his life, I’m sure I could find a better one on the internet that isn’t so damned wordy. Skipped through some of the book Jesus speaks, and he talks again, here he is again talking – man, can this guy talk. Then I finally found something of merit in The Secret Book Of John. This introduces some new characters in addition to Adam and Eve – Sophia (Wisdom) and Yaldaboath. It also mentions that Yaldaboath created man through the use of offspring that he created in mindlessness (the text clarifies that as masturbation) and discusses each offspring’s role in creating a specific body part. Almost comically, the role of the being who created the penis is not known as that part of the text is faded in the original parchments.

Oddly enough, there is also the inclusion of Yahweh and Elohim as creations of Yaldaboath. Apparently they are two twins, likened to Cain and Abel. I’ll read more on it. This Yaldaboath character I guess is likened to the devil but is not name so, then again it would make no sense for this devil to have created man. However, most of man’s myths are convoluted, twisted and altogether weird. Anyone who’s read the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, or studied the Greek myths can tell you that. Remember that Athena popped out of Zeus’s head when he had a headache.

The translators consider the stories to be literary fiction in all honesty, considering the book to be translated for purposes of archaeology. I should also think that they consider the canonical bible to be as such. After all, there are probably thousands of these books still buried in the desert, still waiting to be unearthed. Oddly enough, even though these were considered heretical, I see no difference between the prose there and in the canonical bible. Jesus still appears as the same way, the same sort of parable form, the same sort of slight stubborness; and the same sort of humbleness that he embodies in the other books of the bible. Oddly enough, he tells the readers of the text to be “better than I” in essence claiming his humanity and seeming not as perfect as the majority of people would have believed him to be.

More about the Nag Hammadi can be found HERE.


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