Artist: Nervosa

Title: Downfall of Mankind

Release: June 1, 2018

Label: Napalm

The third album from this Brazilian thrash trio, Downfall of Mankind is an exercise in brevity and brutality. This record clearly draws more from the fast, tight, and less melodic side of the genre. The tracks are quick, riff focused affairs with only two breaking the four minute mark. The band clearly drew more from the likes of bands like Razor and Nuclear Assault in the instrumental department on this release than they did from any member of the “big four.” Nervosa aren’t exactly attempting to reinvent the genre like the latest post-shoe-blackened-doom-death-nu-prog-gaze band out there, but they do make a pretty quality thrash metal record that’s refreshingly light on pseudo-prog affect and any trace of “groove metal.” The only real low light here is the Sepultura-inspired exercise in half-assed lyrical slacktivism that is “Raise Your Fist!” Of course, with political thrash, you always know you’re gonna get a lyrical groaner or two. The production quality is crisp and everything sounds clear and defined. You can even hear the bass, a rarity in modern extreme metal. Definitely worth a listen if you take your thrash more on the brutal side with death metal vocals.

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