NightSatan – Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom

NightSatan - Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom

NightSatan – Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom (2014 SPOTLIGHT) – You just can’t describe NightSatan. It’s something that you have to experience. Not just the music, but the film. Both are something that I’ve never witnessed before and was presently surprised with each. Though this “soundtrack” of sorts is much longer than the short film that it is based upon, these three Finnish instrumental synth rock masters certainly know how to bring about the absolute best, with a sound that is calming; yet foreboding. It provides an incredible atmosphere that you’ve got to hear to believe and there’s really nothing on the album that doesn’t prove that point. Whether it be the short twinkling of “Mazathoth Speaks 1:21” or the longest track on the disc, “Rejects Of The Wasteland 6:46” it can be assured that the spacey, post-apocalyptic electronica that you’re hearing is made with careful precision and strong attention to detail. You know, I just can’t describe this album – it’s something that you have to listen to for yourself, to absorb it’s quiet meditations and search for hidden meanings within. I can’t promise that you’ll all fall head over heels for it in the way that the crystalline subtlety of “Secret Of The Mystery 5:54” has affected me, but I know that some of you will be pleasantly surprised. The band came out with an earlier record called Metal Laser and it’s nowhere to be found really, but this second release is tempting enough to make me want to track it down. Anyone who loves video game soundtracks, or electronica, or even 80’s film scores will find something extremely clever and timeless here. Truth be told, people just don’t make this kind of music anymore and it’s refreshing to see it flushed back into the clogged drains of human crafted artistic sound. In other words, music. While you could use it to lull yourself to sleep, there’s just something in this disc that makes you want to stay awake throughout the entire performance. It very much is the kind of disc that you can play again and again, that you could literally wear out from listening to once a night while the moon hangs in the sky and the world around you is in a state of twilight. You could also use it as a brilliant atmosphere to write really anything. I do believe that this is the kind of music that sparks creativity and it might even do something intriguing to human brainwave patterns.

So whether you watch the film (of the same name) first, or decide to listen to the soundtrack first; either experience is quite memorable and I don’t think that you’ll keep either of them too far from memory. There’s an untapped and unrecognized talent in these three gentlemen that the world has yet to fully witness. And frankly, I think that this is just the start of it. Without a doubt, Night Satan And The Loops Of Doom is an absolute must for 2014.

(14Tracks, 47:00)



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