Nigromante – Black Magic Night (PR2014)

Nigromante - Black Magic Night

“Nigromante is a Spanish two piece that specializes in the classic sound of heavy metal, with all the warmth and fuzz of the old days intact. It sounds like a weird mix of Motörhead, Venom and possibly even Sabbath at some points, as the band translate these sounds through their own tongue, especially in native language tracks like “Soy Un Macarra.” There’s a little bit of punk, blues and jazz mixed with all the heavy metal fare and you’ll hear it if you listen hard enough. Though I’m not entirely crazy about the vocal approach for the record, I simply cannot deny the attention to detail that’s been put forth into this piece, including memorable solo pieces, proficient drumming and an overall vibe that certainly sounds 100% heavy metal. This album sounds so ’80s that if it had been released around that time, no one would have ever known that it was released almost thirty years later…”

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